Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Have you ever listened in on two people stroking each other unto they are just on the point of busting their loads all over each other?

I’m speaking in a figurative sense here, folks. These two fukn stroke-fest masters in the next office over, let’s call them old fart & crusty fukbag, same politics, same views on everything, same view of the company and where it’s going, and they just sit there and tell each other how fukn great they are until someone, let’s say a random person (me) wants to go in there with a shotgun and let loose like fukn Mickey Spillane. Not that Mickey Spillane was a fukn gangster, he was a writer I think, crime novels (?) fuk I don’t know, but it sounded cool.

After about the 80th time of hearing how great you are and hashing over political views that you KNOW the other person shares, don’t you think you’d want to take a cigarette break and maybe clear the cobwebs of horseshit out of your skull? Why is it that extremists of either side (these guys are heavy conservatives) only want to hear their OWN FUKN SIDE???? You’d think it would make it more interesting hearing other views, but NOOOO, these fuks like to bully and cuss out any dissenting views without even listening to the other side, or even if they give it a chance & listen to it, it’s with one hear solidly closed shut and the other one wrapped around their fellow conservative’s bone. Yeah the one guy has pretty big ear flaps.

I mean, some people, you can’t even paint them a picture of WHY the fuck America is set up the way it is! Ok asshole, shut your pie-hole for, let’s see, 5 seconds, and comprendo… other points of view exist so fascists like yourself don’t steamroll their fukn agenda all day long. But they just don’t see it like that. Every democrat is a fukn asshole. Every liberal tree-hugger should be bombed. Drop nukes on north korea, blah, blah, blah, blah fukn blah. Ya know, if you have a point of view, fine, great, congratu-fukn-lations, but at least do the courtesy of listening to the other side, at least understand through that dumb ASS of yours, how advantageous it is to this country that dissent exists! Without two sides to an argument, without the liberal assholes to yell and scream at every move bush makes, he would do whatever the FUCK he wanted above and beyond what he’s already doing.

This is in no way indicative of my own politics. I’m pretty fukn wishy-washy, but I agree with the war we just waged basically & fuk Sadaam. I also think that “bitches” that should be “run over by a fukn truck” like Arianna Huffington, also make a point, when they say that all the hand-jiving and stroking going on in the oval office over how “right” they were all along should be tempered by the fact that if we busted iraq’s cherry so easily, were they really the threat we imagined, and was this whole thing just a big fukn stroke-fest to get a better foothold in the middle east? And if you can’t even CONSIDER that possibility, if you discount it so fukn fast with the rationale that Arianna Huffington is a Russian bitch that can’t even speak English (wise words of a racist old fuk – you can’t make this shit up) then you’ve lost the battle before the tanks even rolled in. you have taken yourself out of the logic loop becuz of some half-assed agenda involving the fact that the republican’s line your already rich pockets in a more handsome fashion.

Or something like that.