Friday, April 18, 2003

I’m so sick of trying to sound clever. I’m not clever, I’m just a typical run of the mill schlep that types crap and jacks pics off google and hits publish.

Something about today is just making all this crap seem very very meaningless. Ah, don’t send out a search party or vibe out some zsa zsa rays, it’s all good. I’m just stuck in this crap office at this crap computer and I wanna go eat some crap and then I gotta come back here cuz were getting a fukn delivery later and it feels like a fukn holiday and I’m at work.

Fuck work. Why do I even come here? Oh yeah the scrilla. That Pay-pa. Pay-pa. Do you think people would flow me cash for this shit? I don’t. I mean there are about 800 million better writers, better blogs, better designs, better better butterfinger.

Grumpy lil Brandon, that’s what I feel like right now. “Name o this track is I don’t want the muthafuckin chorus.” – Dr. Dooom Pebblestone.

Luckily Mrs. P’s coming to pick me up for lunch, I needs me some smiles.

Ah but until then I’m gonna stare at the wall and contemplate my worthless ass. Worthless pile of donkey excrement frappachino slanging dogshit dabbling dirk diggling dastardly dimwitted stepchild of a goatless bastard.

Happy good Friday. Hope you get a lot of chocolate and crap for easter. Hope the easter bunny doesn’t sneak in your window and slice your taliban ass like a cutco knife. Ya never fukn know, do you? you gonna trust a bunny? The only rabbit I trust is Harvey cuz he always gives me a ride home when I’m drunk off my ass.

For more on that go to the links on the left and click on “drunken debauchery.”

And then step to the curb cuz my levis are wrinkled.