Monday, April 14, 2003


Wha? Whodat?

You know.



You goatless mother. Why the extended vacation?

Hey man, a brutha’s gotta work it out.


I’m just fuckin with you al. this is keith.



Fukn prick.

Yeah whatever.

Fuck you.

And yo mama.


Wah wah wah. Shut the fuck up.

What were we talking about? This was supposed to be some randy shit.

Here I am guys. It’s me the original metal rockgod i mean wel not that blonde haired guy from Judas Priest who turned out (gasp) to be homo, and you know just like I couldn’t believe it when george Michael was gay. Yeah guy? I remember even saying that at my friend’s house, back in the dizzle, I’m a youngin’, ya hear me? And anyway, that wham! Video with him & the other dude, and I’m like “jeez that guy is so gay,” and my buddy’s like “dude, he’s not gay, he’s got a girlfriend,” and I’m like “still, he’s gay,” and he’s like “dude, how can he be gay if he’s got a girlfriend, he hooks up chicks all day.” And so see? That means that the world is flat.

Wait what’s this?

Talking shit joe, talkin’ shit.

Yeah you and your bitch tracy.

No your bitch tracy.

No yours.