Wednesday, May 28, 2003

"blogspot can eat a landfill of dicks" - Jim Treacher.

wise, wise, wise, wise, words from a man with a new home. congrats on joining the dot commers jimbo. i would join you but it doesn't seem worth it just so me and my cat can read this crap, along with Mr. T's hair implant specialist. ok now that was just fukn stupid.

Jim's old site is actually still up and running, and that's where i got the above quote from. I'm thinking about seeing if he'll allow me to engrave it on my tombstone, becuz it's poetry, true, true, poetry, without all that rhyming and metaphorical horseshit, and I think it sums up a life well-lived.

piles of donkey shit like me just start b-level blogs named after other people's dogs when blogspot decides to ass-fuck itself. real dillio kingpins like treach keep it gully and stamp their name, aka, big dick dog dirk dangler, on the game like a grave full of paranoid schizophrenic barbie dolls. fuk i suck eggs.

there's just no good way to end this dumb stupid crap-o-la, which no one can read anyway, becuz this page hasn't been loading all fucking day.