Friday, May 23, 2003

Had a nice ride up to the pali lookout on lunch break today. It’s this state park at the top of the koolaus with this phat view of the windward side of oahu. Super windy, as it’s located at a pass through the top of the mountains where all the wind funnels through from the east. Just kicked it up there for a little bit among the tourists and vagabonds and copped the scenage. There was this Hawaiian guy dressed up in a sheet which was supposed to look like an ancient Hawaiian taking pics with tourists. Hey if it pays dolla bills, go for it. he was so nice to the dumb haoles but I was thinking he must be thinking “jesus fukn Christ this is what I’ve been reduced to.” Or maybe not. Shit I’ll dress up like whatever they want as long as it’s not bondage gear if the scrilla’s right.

Shit is like not meaning much right now. And it’s meaning a lot. Dogshit hidden as deep thoughts. Or is it the reverse? Yes. It’s the only way to tell you folks. I’m not some secret samadai this is real shit yall. So if I’ve got some serious shit goin on I just talk about marmaduke and his horsecock sandwich collection and tell myself I’m hashing out all these issues. Makes the squirrels stop talking to me. Well, at least quiets them a little. I don’t think they’ll ever stop talking completely. Ever. Ah, who am I kidding, the only serious shit goin on is if I should wear socks or just paint them on my ankles. Yes that doesn’t make sense. It’s for a reason. It’s ironic, you see.

Or maybe the squirrels will stop some day. Or not. Who gives a rat’s ass, as they are not real anyway. Realistically I could sit here and just bang on the keys and put a stupid pic up and joe Johnson and Edwina mcenhale will still come looking for the kool keith that just ain’t here. Have you ever hit a point where you’re like why what where when & who. And all the questions are mostly answered but you’re spinning the wheel again, hoping maybe you missed something and there’s a bonus prize featuring a brand new Hyundai sonata in there. And you realize that Hyundai is some cheap ass shit – ok no it’s not, they’re pretty nice, but shit, it ain’t no caddie, and it ain’t no lexus, and shit! Every damn word I’m thinking who’s this gonna offend, both real & blogger kine folk, when in reality I just want to spillety spillety spill. Spill some oil on the Ukraine.

Fuk why don’t we just admit we want iraq’s oil & start taking it. taking it ALL. And leave them a husk of oilless ass crapterpiece. Seriously though, we could drill for like 85 years and still be able to fill up our Zippos, so chillski big guy. I mean really, we’ll slaughter a few thousand moose in Alaska to make a fukn pipeline & rape our own land but we’re too high & mighty & nice guy to snag some of that iraq shit? Whuuuut? Fuk em, I mean, they’d be better off us ruling that shit & stealing their oil than our current plan of just vacate the premises & hope for the best, letting them all kill each other & the strongest warlord takes over & then we gotta go in there again in 10 years, under some other bullshit reason cuz our leaders can’t just be straight and say it’s ass kicken time cuz the election is coming up.

Fukn ridiculous. And no I don’t know whut I’m talking about. Deal.