Thursday, May 08, 2003

Have I ever mentioned that blogger sucks ass? I’m trying to remember…. It seems like every post I see in bloggerville lately that I want to link, the url for the post itself is that wonderful “uh, shit cuz, this page doesn’t exist, hi we’re blogger, duhhhhhh,,,,,” page. yes folks, that is what you’ll find here, serious commentary on the state of affairs in our nation & the world.

Anyway, I mention it because I was gonna link a post by my homey Joe-Bob (ok it’s not Joe-Bob, it’s Joe, but shit, man, think about adding the Bob, it’s pretty pimp) all about the hijinks of the hip-hop record industry, you know, how some punk ass beyatch with no talent can get signed while the next musical genius of our generation is in a cubicle polishing quarters for the man. Boardroom politics, etcetera, so check it out. jennyeah drops knowledge on the same topic in her latest post as well, kicking that Detroit, WHUT?? style that is slowly bringing her fame among aspiring sweepers kicking it in their tree houses staring at their alf posters as well as valium hazed housewifes watching bewitched reruns, but this time she’s repping la la land, where she’s camping out waiting to be “discovered” – by whut or whom or why I’m not really sure, but, hey, the gang is kool and kool is the gang.

I just edited out this little tirade i had in here. maybe in 20 years i'll publish it in my memoirs. the main point you should remember is that it involved throwing oatmeal at old people on the street, and that even though i frown on such activities, I've been known to load up the slingshot & let fly. Etiquette shmetiquette. I’ll step on toes and dip in my rolls. The good thing we all got from this discussion is you got to learn about my alf poster collection. Start in on a topic and you never know where it’ll go. It’s just like that. And that’s the way it is. Uuuuhhhhh, nah nah, nah nah. Fukn run-dmc meets master p. that’s my commentary on it beyatch.

So whut do I really think about the back-alley-sally dogshit of the record industry, in a coherent sentence and cogent manner? Ah, whatever, I’m pretty stupid when it comes to talking about actual concepts, so I’ll let the pros rep it.

Whut do I really concern myself with?? The fukn lake-show, who are flailing hard. Kobe, shaq, listen up: this is your head. This is your ass. Pull this out of that, and maybe we’ll have a shot.

Kaneohe, bitch. Whut????