Monday, May 05, 2003

I blogged over at a dog named clipper today. Now normally I wouldn’t tell you this, as I like to keep that area for only the true O.G.s, but I don’t know, I read what I wrote just now, and it is just so damn fukn genius, that I felt that the 5 billion strong readers of this deuschole of a web page would be doing themselves and their step children an extreme disservice if they didn’t read it. plus it has the first ever real live picture of me on there. I bet you had no idea I was THAT good looking. Sometimes I impress myself with my sheer handsome-ness. I mean, damn.

Ok that picture isn’t really me, but hey, everything comes with a grain of salt. (except a waffle cone, apparently, because I’m lactose intolerant). You might be getting sick of seeing comic book covers around here. If that’s the case, I invite you to fuck off. It is a formal invitation that was inscribed by a santochristanian monk named jebediah in the year 1374. it’s certified if you’re interested. Certified by a band of gypsies that like to hang out at the longs drugs off of the pali over by punchbowl crater. If they try to sell you a used goldfish I would advise taking the crutch that I know you’re leaning on and belting them across the forehead. Not only will this reveal the hidden sacra to your medulla oblongata (hi keith) but you’ll know true nirvana, and I’m not talking about that overrated music band. (just joking, trying to get a rise joe.) even though joe isn’t that big of a nirvana fan, he’s enough of a hesher and plaid button shirt wearing fraggle rocker that he just might put a cap in my ass if I intimated something like that.

So that’s what’s up with that.