Thursday, May 22, 2003

Ok maybe raymi didn’t really say that. (see post below) But maybe she did, she says a lot of shit. Not shit as in bad stuff, but shit as in stuff, like plenny kine stuff, na mean?

Ok that’s enough of that, like David Charronne, or however the fuck you spell his name was enuff z enuff for Van Hagar, I mean, post van hagar, vah halen with no lee roth, oh and did you catch david lee on the ad for the mtv awards with that American Pie guy & J timberlake? I mean shit Dave, try hard why not? It is over diamond dave, acceptance of that matter is key for intactness of dignity factor. Albeit dd has never valued dignity very high up there on his scale of necessities therebywith that he necessitates.

Fukn SHIT at this exact moment through these fog laden sunglasses it seems like every crap ass masterpiece that I write is a bastard step-child of something that jim treacher & paul barman cowrote & then threw out with the bathwater. It sucks my crapmaster ass-terpiece. it’s sounding like, it’s sounding like, well, not music, that’s for damn sure.

Ok I’m gonna take a break, finish up this quote for gigantic corp I’m working on whereby I get my revenge for them ripping me off in 95 and then I shall holla. Ok it’s not revenge, I’m hooking them up, but lining my paquetas at the same time, eh? And if paquetas doesn’t mean pockets which I’m pretty sure it doesn’t well that is just not my issue, correct? Correct.

Looks like jennyeah is going through some drama, which is a really big surprise, I mean, I would never expect it. I wonder if it’s real or if capone is just some alternate personality to keep people in the seats. I wonder wonder wonder wonder who? Who wrote the book of Brandon.

Fukn joe can shove that fork up his ass. Still a little bitter about the lakes. Fukn playoffs are boring as fuck now. You know it, I know it, the nba knows it, fukn david stern knows it, because his grandma is calling him & she wants her dentures back but they’re firmly implanted in Tim Duncan’s ass hoping to somehow make that guy the slightest bit interesting and/or controversial beyond the fact that he’s an incredible basketball player.

Dirk Noshinski on the other hand, he’s interesting. But not that much. He’s just shady looking in that European side-business style. But I have this feeling that America’s getting over it daily.

Fukn Unfaithful is a stupid-ass movie and the kid from Malcolm in the middle was OH-SO miscast in that role as the cute yet always fukn up & wetting his bed little sheister. Fuk that shite. Stupid is as stupid does and diane lane or whatever the fuk her name is was way overrated in that and thank lordie she didn’t win the oscar but I didn’t see Chicago so I don’t know how much zeta-jones aka married my grandpa deserved it either. Fuk Chicago. The city & the movie. Ok not the city. I wouldn’t want to offend the vault-keeper. That would not put me in the “down” category with town Julie brown and dru. Never & nunca.

I can write a lot of stupid crap when I just let my fingers keep moving & clicking yes? Yes Dan, it can be done you pile. Quantity over quality. Quality ain’t shit. People want to read about horsecock sandwiches & I am here to fill the void, a very important void, that void for which people crave dog-ass crapterspieces by kool keith Alfred pennyworth Berkeley joe and the association helmed by the kingpin of crime known as carlton fisk. And not hammerhead. Not the star wars one either. Ok that’s it for now. Yes I know it was a frog ass frapterpiece but shit, my meter’s running. Uptown cabbie, 153rd street, on the fukn double you you llama loving liliputian.