Friday, May 16, 2003

so there’s a huge amount of action going on here at the skunkworks. Charlie the plant foreman, lost a finger in the spleen machine and separate incidents were negotioated with an insurance fraud salesman from phoenix. By way of Nebraska.

So anyway like I was saying it’s all about the benjamins. No not really hoes it’s all about the all about. You know whut I’m sayin’, all bout da all boot. Ferereal. Sincerely your honor. And then it’s an okedoke and then it’s some pistol smoke & then it’s an ak in your waylay and it’s like franklin in yo Delano & quick withdrawal from mitheral that’s in ice cream in the ancient tongue if you didn’t know and then it’s no mo games on a solo tip freak it.

So the really important thing that I woanted to impreach on you this day & age ,my brothers & sisters from othere miznithers is that it’s highly impressive on the pantomime tip to tip your waitresses heartily. They work long shifts to a sometime stiff crowd and then you never know what can happen theres lots of cigar smoke, it’s all very… sophisticated. And professional. And related to lots of estufa muy importante on the solo tip. Like I was saying, the sophisti… (no) I did that already Brandon, don’t try to impart your afterworld styles on this okefenokee swamp land Babylonian, cuz he won’t have it. we need more butter on this set, lots a camomile tea, where is my chamomile tea, dammit!!??

Fiznark. Its’ like I’m done but they pull me back in . yes period right there, problem with that oh yeah that’s what I Thought you irish brew imbibing blibbering brainwashing brother of biz markie and sister of sledge and sasquatch on the solo tip.