Thursday, May 08, 2003

today is just one of those days where there’s, like, really not much to do. My boss is laying on the couch in his office reading that old Seinfeld book (even though he won’t admit he wrote it) you know, the fake funny letters book. Stupid letters, or some shit like that.

Do you ever get burned out from just fucking around too much at work? Like, you’ve been reading too much internet bullshit & chilling to much to the point that you WANT to work? I mean, I want to work, but, like, all the fires are either put out or subdued for the moment. All my projects are like, in stasis right now. I guess I could go through the files and make some new potential projects, and some extra scrilla, but I’m feeling lazy right this second.

I read just about every word on the main page of Jamie’s blog today. Good stuff. he really opens up and lets you see inside his head. Hopes, fears, dillios, whatevs. I wonder if anyone in his real life knows about his blog. He wrote something a few days back about laying in an empty room, closing your eyes, and just drifting, being, experiencing the moment unto infinity and beyond. i liked that. i've done that. but i would never think to explain it like that.

I fancy myself a decent writer, but my shit is kind of a bunch of blah-dee-blah, you know, har har this, hee hee that. Make a joke, slap up a pic, move on with my day. There’s not a lot invested in this. I don’t give of myself, really, all that much. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, and maybe, I like to think, some of me comes shining through in my whatever the crap you call these paragraphs. Sometimes I look back in my archives and read my old shit, and think, you know what Alfred? Not bad, ace. Not bad at all. I’m a firm believer in that if you keep talking about random shit, that the real shit will come shining through somehow, like a silver dollar in a sea of, um, help me out here, um, saltines? Jesus Christ almighty that’s a sad analogy. but i still like it. this blog is exactly what i want it to be. the first sentence in the next paragraph was written before this one. please bear that in mind. fat buddhas are good. i need to do some serious experimenting with writing a blog entry in totally inversed and mixed up order. maybe i'll win an award or something. maybe not. ok not.

I think there’s too many comic book covers around here lately. Maybe it’s time for a comic book cover hiatus here at the farm. I don’t know, see, I used to try to find pictures of stuff that seemed related to what I was writing, but my shit is all over the place, and who really wants to see a picture of a bottle of mayonaisse. How the crap do you spell mayonnaise anyway? Oh there it is. Thanks bill gates. Even though you’re the devil, you’re still pretty cool.

Wkenshow is back, in case you didn’t know. Hardcore flava in yer ear.

Aloha. I’m gonna go do something productive. Really.