Thursday, May 29, 2003

whut the fuk is up my south quarter pee-yops?

It is I the martian woo-man-hunter otherwise known as carlos escostarskeyenhutch. Yeah that’s it that’s the ticket that’s the hoo-ride that’s the flow like domino in the two by fo.

Meth & red are much more condusive to proper mental states of tranquility then the teen spirit smellers. There’s no suicide drama just phat beats and blunted sis-tole. Laddatt.

Flackin flicken flackerstein. Mad skillz that so far don’t pay billz. But my other occupation as a Waikiki limo driver hook it up on the regulah when sales is low at skunkworks inc. – BUT see sales aren’t slow now but I gotta stack that paper. Europa my sons & dott.s – esquire. Had to spell dots ladat cuz bill gates is a sucka. Sucka sucka empty ropah.

Mad props to a genius of the age of enlightenment aka doug dever.

MXV is proppin with a hizzle on tha tee-vee in chi-town. get on over there and he'll lead the way. he's pretty damn famous now, so careful on the carpet. I ain’t gonna deprive the contingent. pinball kine stuff.

What kind of credentials do you have to have to be a thug therapist? I’ve often (never) wondered that, and sometimes over a heavy chardonnay. Rion dark is going to be the next, the next, fuk that, that next shit, he’s gonna be the frizzled dizzle you bohanklin frizzles.

The problem with spittin verses this hard is that it’s like, impossible to reign in that battle-cat he-man shit, you wanna get all castle grayskull on that shit, fukn beastmaster beatmaster v take this mothafukka home shit. That fukn cop body count ice-tee shit that fukn Reginald denny takin one for the team out there in planet zeebop kine masta ace dog-grilled ass ice juiced barry white trombone shit.

Fukn it seems like people are tryin to fuk me out of my okeefenoke and just to let yall know homey ain’t standin for that, or sittin down for it or nothing for it. this shit was laid down by the early jack-o-lantern crashers before that time na mean?