Tuesday, June 17, 2003

cypress hill skull & bones bones disk, yeah the fukn metal rap conglomo that some throw in the bizarbage can but ya know, gotta bump that shit sometimes, it’s like rockin a doo rag sometimes it just busts itself. Ok honesty though I’ve never worn one.

So like I heard that jay z & beyonce are engaged. And it’s not all about the benjamins, it’s about the abrahams too, hey even aunt gertle gotta eat, ya dig?

So like oh yeah – I pulled up next to this mini van on the bike today and I was like thinking, “that guy looks like a little kid,” and as you get a better look, homey’s skin is all wrinkled and he’s like pretty old, but with a kid face and I was thinking how trippy that is and so they pull ahead as I wait for the left turn and there’s a bumper sticker saying “Honolulu boys choir.” So this gets me thinking, was this guy’s balls cut as a youth so his voice would stay high and now he looks like a little kid still as the result of some strange mutation in his body chemistry.

And then I had a fish sandwich. It was fukn crip. Not a fukn mcdonalds filet o fish or some shit like that, I mean a restaurant fish sangwich style with all kine good shit & good bread and oku fish which is like some fresh water salmon or some shit? or wait, no, it was seabass that’s the ticket, no seriously, when I say that’s the ticket you think back to john lovitz and his liar character from snl and he was always really lying, but seriously though, it was seabass I think.

So like I’m drinking a diet coke. I ain’t drank a diet coke in like 10 years. And there’s other shit to drink. I chose it. see I was thinking “fukn soda’s fattening joe” and then I though ok diet coke, that’ll hook it up. But it’s got that um, I was gonna explain it but you probably already know what diet soda tastes like widdat nutra sweet after before taste.

Yeah that’s some really interesting stuff, hemingway old salt. I might as well end this by telling you that my secret identity, the one that only clipper knows (ok a few others) is really og ratbone. Ok it’s not, but it is silkk the shocker. You know, master p’s lil brother? Hellz yeah, it’s me.

Really doe.