Monday, June 23, 2003

I’m nice and medicated now. Halls mentholyptus plus plain wrap Dayquil equals semi happy camper. Hmmm, though, it’s almost time to reup my schism.

I remember one day back in Cali when I worked for huge entertainment corp through a temp company, I took some robitussin or Sudafed or some shit like that in the morning, but I didn’t eat any breakfast, and I went, like, crazy. The world was all giggly and slow motion, it was like I was all stoned out, slippy, slippery, dizzy like gallespie. I was acting so goofy and making inopportune comments on the phone and acting like a crack fiend to the point they told me just go home for the day. that didn’t happen today, but medicine is still nice. Makes me want to go get hooked on prescription drugs like all those old social security hugging home shopping network banditas.

Did anyone deserve their best supporting actor oscar more than joe pesci in good fellas? I think my favorite line in that movie is when the 3 amigos stop by pesci’s mom’s house to grab a shovel so they can bury batts, and the mom wakes up and cooks them all a bunch of food, and she shows them this picture she painted, and it’s this old man with two dogs, and pesci’s like “I like this one, you got one dog looking this way, and one dog looking the other way, and this guy here’s like, what do you want from me?” and then they laugh cuz the guy looks like the almost dead guy in their trunk. Great flick.

So much happiness and joy could be accomplished on the internet if people were just cool. And kool. And copacetic. Before you go out and flip out, ya know, drop somebody an e-mail, try to make a connection, it’ll pay off, even if you’re sure said person is gonna hate you. trust me. That’s really all we’re trying to do here right? Connect with each other in one way or another? It’s a barren landscape and we’re trying to find some kind of common ground by which to holla at a playa. Everything else is just gravy my grizzles.

Yeah maybe that’s a load of horseshit but it sounds nice so I’m gonna run with it, playboy.