Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Ok I’m starting to (ok actually continuing to, but it’s elevating in, um, degree) get excited about this whole Europe trip thing. Just confirmed the hotel (which we’ll be going back to every night no matter what n-2-deep has to say about it – that’s right, Vallejo bitch, um, I mean, bastitch) in gay par-ee, then it’s on into London-town, then it’s on to the swiss iz-alps. Fukn that redneck guy on real world paris wouldn’t shut the fuk up whining about French people, well, I guess he did at the end of the episode when he had a “realization” about what a goddam hayseed he is and decided to fukn enjoy himself. Shit man, go live on your fukn tractor and drink goat-milk all day ferchrissake.

So yeah me & mrs. P are getting highly psyched. Her oldest sis lives in swissmissville and she’s the one member of the immediate fam-in-law I haven’t met, so that’ll be coolio, and plus I’ve got peeps in the French quarter, and we would’ve had a crizib to crizash in but they’re remodeling. S’all good mate, na mean? Cuz they clued us into an apparently crip ass hotel to which I would show you the link but I don’t want no trouble from the contingent when I’m on vay-cay. Sorry, but I gotta be strong on that. No autographs when I’m trying to fukn eat some soufflés or some shit ladatt.

I’ve been to Europe but it’s been like 15 years and I was like 15 years old and the eyes of youth are different than those of a grown man, who I theoretically am now, so maybe it will be much more than the drunken carnival it was back in the dizay. Nah, not much more, but not much less, just different Daniel san, a different perspective in a different time in a new world born of the smoke of toppling towers. Hey that’s the American perspective but America makes the world go round right? Oh yeah that fukn train of thought should make me real popular overseas. Seriously I don’t believe it, I’m not like that, I know were just a small sector of the planet, we just so happen to have might which for all intents & purposes besides fairness &/or idealism makes right, take it or leave it, but still it makes for a hell of a backlog at the ol’ potato factory. Ok you caught me I lost my place in that last sentence and had to freestyle it.

Played some b-ball last night but it was a pretty small percentage of the squad so it was only like 3 on 3. then morgan fukn jammed his finger or some shit and so this little runt, some dude’s lil buddy, came in for him, and son is talkin’ yang which always bugs me. Damn when I was a little squirt I didn’t talk yak I just balled, now these youngen’s ain’t got no respect for the foundation. Plus when his pops was vacatin’ the premises, he just up and walks off the court without even a word. No “sorry guys I gotta bail” or “alright thanks I’m outtie” just walk off without the homerun. Lil’ punk. Sheeeiiiitttt. If I’d tried to pull that back in the dizzle in the big Glen-shiizzle, frizzle, I woulda been bizzled with a tizzle by fizzore. Na mean? Wacked and made to run home to madre & padre. But shit, like a said loc, different age wherein the old rules do not apply.

And I guess that’s just progress and shit.