Friday, June 27, 2003

So the clippers picked chris Kaman outta central Michigan at #6 in yesterday’s draft. He looks pretty solid actually, this is a good write up about him. now everybody talking shit about the clips, even the sports guy, but fuk that, I’m gonna say that Kaman is gonna be a big star in this league, hoes, shit, 7-footer with skills, yo! Whutsup yao, wanna piece? Shaq? Who owns the muthafuckin staples center now, bitch?

Thas right is Kaman time, shit hammer was a taco bell slangin chumpola compared to yours truly. I am going to crush this league. I am going to make large men cry. I am going to deflate egos and destroy the will of those who thought themselves invincible from threatening defamatory intelligence. That’s what I bring the table, you better bring the salt and pepper cuz we’re grilling up this slab like it’s the 4th of jUly, aight? Shit. an fukn get me a beer.

And then the fukn warriors, what did they do? I don’t know, maybe joe’s got the dillie. But the warriors are fukn jokers, and that’s on long beach, beyatch!

Fuk yeah, doc dre, his last album was the chronic, they say rap’s changed, they wanna, um ahead of the game still not loving police, reppin 213 (actually I’m reppin 818 beyatch) – doctor dre was the original worker that hath wrought these rhymes, even distorted, I don’t wanna try to papa hate and like, take cred. Even though jay z more likely wrote the lyrics. Ya know, ice cube write the rhymes, that I say, muthafuckin muthafuckin rappin ak. Ok that was easy, but again cube wrote it, and cube don’t write dre’s rhymes no more. Eminem does. Or maybe even fitty drops a verse out when they’re on the road, downing coqui 900 dogs and just throwin them bones. Wit they fly bitches. For the gangsters all across the world. Dre again. That last one. The part about coqui 900 ya know, 9 ball, that was all me loco. Got a prollem, shit, c’mon down to set-tripperville, formerly known as jack’s house. And it ain’t a muthafuckin bistro, aight larry?