Thursday, June 19, 2003

um, blogspot, could you please burn in hell now. thanks. oh and mr. and/or mrs. and/or miss and/or ms. reader, i heartily recommend that you go to a dog named clipper. because i'm over there for a while, because this site is how do we say on sprockets, um, acting the fuck up ie no ackrite.

This only applies if you're actually reading this. which is unlikely, becuz, um, i'm a cheap bastard and don't want to pay for hosting and thus deal with shoddy free services of which i still like to complain. aloha. end scene.

UPDATE: yeah, it's still fucked up, at least for me. i'm running explorer 6.0 and bill gates can lick my nads. kind people, please comment or e-mail as to your success reading this, and i will assume that you are vested of the one power if you somehow are. what the fuck ever, this sucks. i'll be at clipper till this shit fixes itself or the gremlins eat it completely after which i'll dine on the carcass and rebuild the flux capacitor.