Thursday, June 12, 2003

Warning: if you’re not a big blog dork, most of this will probably mean next to nothing to you, but if you follow my instructions and click the links and get deeper and deeper into the story it will spark your interest the way it has mine, and you will know.

I wasn’t gonna get involved. But it’s just too much already. This whole moxie thing is blowin up the internet. Moxie nu versus moxie pop. You know it, you tell the story, you tell the whole damn world, as if it doesn’t know already, but who gives a rat’s ass about my point of view on this whole thing? Absolutely nobody, but I gotta speak I don’t know why.

If you have no idea whut I’m talking about start here where I did. At treach’s place. The hub of all pertinent information in the gigasphere.

Okay now that I have qualified myself so perfectly I shall proceed.

Moxiedotnu – in my humble opinion, from the evidence shown forth before mine wandering eyes, you are totally off base, you are dead wrong, you are living in a fantasy world, etcetera.

Just feel that way, and I don’t want to, cuz you’ve been copacetic & totally cool with me in all bloglational endeavors and it’s like, we’re cool, and the whole 9 yards, but really, you just seemingly can’t accept that you were, um, wrong! You jumped on moxie pop about being a biter, and it seems you were leaping to conclusions based no your own delusional vision of your incredible fame (such a dick, dude), no pain in admitting it, no one will judge jury and execute anyone that admits making a mistake. Buuuuttt. You just have to admit it. or show the way that you aren’t. wrong, that is. Fuk I’m being a dick by writing this. (Such a dick dude!!)

And moxiepop is really nothing like moxie it seems to me, it just doesn’t. am I on crack? maybe? I just don’t know. But she’s all, I don’t know whut the hell she is, but it’s all political in your face something or other.

And sorry but Dawn is being just a tad ridiculous about this whole thing too. She’s just going to warfare on anybody & everybody and nowhere in whut I’ve read did she explain how the original accusation was warranted. It’s all about defending moxie. At what point does the reality of the situation supercede alliances? Holy la-dee-dah batman!! Fuk I wonder if anyone will ever read this?

So fukn, uh, where was i? so treacher writes the funniest shit about the whole thing, and now moxie & dawn hate him! Casting him as a traitor. Well ok hate is a strong word, they are disappointed in him, ward. The beaver has been a bad boy.

I don’t know WHY I’m going into this. It’s really none of my business. But… it is just so damn fascinating. It’s like the most incredible springer run ever. Just so, trainwreck, just so jerkofferosphere, that it just kills me & I must speak and beat this dead horse even further into submission.

And fukn Kevin parrot’s thing on it is just too funny, you gotta check it.

The surreal moment of my blogreading escapades yesterday, which turned into tracking this sordid tale, was seeing some guy, in some comments section, as the war was raging between moxie camps, like giving the reports on the bus bombings in Israel and all the bloodshed yesterday. And I hate to admit it, but I would just breeze through those kind of, like I’ve been breezing through the political stuff on moxiepop to find the moxie stuff. I am truly the lowest common denominator bottom feeder. i'm, like, closet gossip hobag.

It is just too fukn fascinating & I don’t know why. One cool part is no one will probably even notice this and I’ll have been allowed to vent without pissing anyone off. Or not.

and believe it or not, once again, i held back on the chuck woolery version. truly.