Friday, June 06, 2003

Ya know whut? Fuck google. I’ll get my pics from fukn wal-mart bitch.

The nets gotta pull their heads outta they asses if they wanna be wavin’ any more towels. Not that I’m a big nets fan or anything, but fuk the spurs. That admiral, he’s too nice, man, I don’t trust him, man, and that Duncan, man, he’s like so mellow, it makes me nervous man there’s something wrong with that guy, and whut kind of a fukn name is wake forest for a school anyway? I mean shit you’re at a wake in the forest, fukn druid style, I mean whut the fuk?

So mtv was all fukn stoked about their “exclusive” coverage of the set of spider-man 2. booooring. Show me sumthin I give a fuk about, not fukn mary jane’s apartment and a scene of fukn toby & Kirsten just standing there. Brilliant mtv. And fukn Justin timberlake is not funny. I’m sorry. Stupid. And I like superheros too. Ya know? So I’m like inversely biased. I should by your demographics have liked it due to theme. I mean if I didn’t like it maybe other superheros didn’t like it either. You gotta think about that mtv, when you try to mess up the vibe of girl/guy hosting duties with boybandguy/funnyguy demo, cuz it’s a demo of a different kind when you try that, on a lition.

Ah it wasn’t so fukn bad, but suchin pak is fukn annoying as hell. I’m sorry. I’m really really really sorry, but she is. And fukn beyonce cannot act. I’m sorry. I was going to storm the stage if she got that award dammit.

And that, um, yoda thing, ok we get the fukn point already. Yoda is floating there and saying funny stuff. Yup, let’s see, 5 minutes ago it was kinda funny, ok yoda won’t stand for being played off, yes, very funny. And fukn queen latifah & piano guy kissing, ok that was kinda funny, I mean, I’m down with that. And whut was with will smith’s skull shirt, is he like trying to be all hardcore? And he was all bumpin his head during 50’s show, like “ahem will” eminem dissed your punk non fuck sayin ass. Nah will’s aiiight, but fuk bad boys II cuz numero uno was muy estupido.

Don’t go to Mexico and call people estupido. It’s actually a much worse word then calling someone stupid in the good ol (why good ol) usa. They like, get offended. Not that I’ve done it, but I’ve joked about it, and mrs. P will tell you that las personas de mexico no es down con este lugar. I’m I mean they’re not down with it. which is very important to remember if you’re ever, um, there.

Now that kinda broke up my little rant on mtv didn’t it? but maybe not in the best possible manner. But that’s water under the bridge. That’s a bridge over troubled waters. That’s running silent & running deep. Deep, deep, deeper than atlantis. Damn that’s bad, nah that’s good. Cuz we rollin deep in our Fleetwood.