Monday, July 28, 2003

From the private journal of john p. Farnsworth III, duke of Kalihi and outlying junctures

All names have been changed to protect the unprotected


well I’m up at the ungodly hour of 6:30 am watching Major League. I had this sudden theory while I was getting some water from the fridge that this movie was the impetus that turned the real live Indians around. I mean they were in the world series in like, whut, 95?

So you MAY be asking why the hell I’m up this early… well it all started with 2 Fast 2 Furious, which by the way was an excellent movie, so anyway, suddenly (well not sooo suddenly, Id had tinglings earlier) I’ve got this semi-splitting headache – I’m like, WTF? So Dr. J is in town – his 98 year old dad just died a couple weeks ago - & we went to meet him & his younger son (who I’d never met – nice guy, tatted out, a little wacky) & my head is still pounding. I decide that maybe a drink is what I need. After a Jack & coke @ some sashimi (oh this is at Duke’s Barefoot bar – Waikiki) I’m feeling shiiitty – (Note to self – don’t drink when you’ve got a migraine) – so I order the ribs. Eat like half of it, feeling barfy – but holding on.

I tell Dr. J & Mrs. P – not feeling so good – so we’re walking back to car with Dr. J (his car is at his son’s hotel – Dr. J’s staying at his Dad’s tear-down on a million dollar lot in Hawaii Kai) when I can’t hold it anymore & yuke in a flower bed outside the DFS building (tower) – embaressing!

So Mrs. P gets me home @ 7:30 & I pass the fuk out after yuking some more – I feel bad for mi amor cuz I promised her a nite out dancing, but, oh the head was pouuunnding. So it was hasta la vista para la noche – sooo – I’m up at 6:30 on a Sunday.

Aloha – my hand hurts…

Oh & PS – yeah the lakers lost – it’s the spurs & nets tied 1-1 in the finals at this writing.