Thursday, July 03, 2003


This is the YEAH most KICKIGN site about grrrrrrrreeeen day EVER IN EVER EVERVILLE

Tell all your friends about it and they might almost break your legs trying to get over here.

If you want to get the weekly newsletter it’s 500 dollars an hour. And I don’t take credit cards you have to deliver that shit to my, uh, environs.

Anyway, about green day. Yes my name is Berkeley joe, so OBVIOUSLY I know everhtyingt about them, including the real color of all their hair.

Anyway, shit, I didn’t say that. Now you think that I’m…. a barber.

Barbers are not down with this ancient ritual that I’m about to unleash on your colostomy bag.

It is not even close to containing nearly the amount of neurons necessary to cummerbund you all the way to glorytown.

AND if you ever finally get there you’ll know why green day is the best band ever. It’s cuz they, well, they coexist but within delicately prearranged solar plexus analagoies that it’s really hard to accurately guage exactly what the frick they are doing.