Thursday, July 03, 2003

I refuse to let the fact that Aquaman thinks I have a Joe Pesci fetish stop me from talking about him. in this case it is my habit of going “ok, ok, ok, ok, ok, ok” all fast like pesci did in that lethal weapon movie(s) yes the really bad ones. But it’s funny, ya know? You always get fucked at the drive through, or shall I say “the always fuk you at the drive through” yes I use that one a lot too. But when I’m stressed and trying to like categorize the things I need to do I like to be a la pesci with his died blonde hair and go “ok ok ok ok ok ok ok” wait – was it only in the second joe pesci lethal weapon movie he had his hair dyed? Somebody get back to me on that one, and did Chris Rock and Joe cross paths on one of those? Is that the six degrees of Kevin Bacon connection between ice-t and bobby deniro? Or did they do a movie together? One of those “hand me the check” deniro specials they conveniently didn’t mention in his big AFI honorarium whatever. And don’t get me wrong I like Robert Deniro. I mean I don’t have per se a fetish about him like I do joe pesci (doh, shit! discovered.) but anyway, I digress.

I’m fukn tired-er than a goat on Christmas morning after he’s had to be dressed up like a reindeer all night just for the amusement of some little fukn bratty ass kids. Shit and then they milk you to boot. It’s like ok, why not add some gasoline onto the fire that is my rage. Really doe, I’m not mad, just tired, see that was a metaphor that got out of hand, just for play.

Hmmm. I shouldn’t write that. It could be traced back to my high school. And they would know. Wait, it wasn’t about me it was about them. Ok it’s cool. It’s alrighty then.

Am I the only one that has a soft spot for fredo? All he wanted was a little respect and to bang cocktail waitresses two at a time. Is that so wrong?

I would describe to you the relevance of the above sentence but that would require a password. The password is unforgiven. I mean that’s not the actual password, I mean the person that invented the password was not forgiven. By who? By Brandon. Don’t tell.

Yes that’s more than enough for now I think.

Maybe not though. Did I mention that I’m tired? Fuk. Like that tired where you don’t necessarily feel sleepy, just fukn like wired and exhausted at the same time. Not that I’ve ever partaked or would know but it might be (and dark told me this) like the morning after an acid trip except without the extreme degree of brain fuzziness. To see what I mean about dark go to the sidebar under dark – first prelude, kindly held in the archives by tony. I would link it but it’s over there. Go find it. it’s not that hard. Seriously. Shit man!

See I heard that from a squirrel. Only those aren’t in Hawaii. Squirrels that is. Is that fun fact on my list? Check check it, my list of 40 things you might not know about Hawaii. Sidebar under, um, things you MIGHT not know about living Hawaii. You don’t say living IN Hawaii, cuz it’s like pidgen speak, even though I don’t talk ladatt. I would link this too, but again, on the sidebar, you think I put that shit up for my health? You think that I’m like some kind of charity worker just providing data and linkage for the fukn good oh humanity? Fuk that I’m going for duckets. So drop that scrilla. Ok then, don’t. I’m good. Seriously. Give it to Jim. He’s getting kicked out his pad. Treacher. I would link that too, but he’s on the sidebar too. Under “wonder” cuz he’s upper echelon, you know, preferred stock like the cologne. This is a strictly non-linking post cuz I wanna be underground like jennyeah. Ain’t gonna link her either. She’s on the sidebar too, loc, gotta find her though. Happy hunting. Her page looks like grass. It’s cheery. Unless she changed it. now that I said it looks cheery, she probably will change it. not that she reads this crap anymore. Whatever.

Oookkaayyy mr. Man. One thing I WILL link is mr. Chuck. Ok I won’t but find the link called mr. Know it all and know that he is dropping some good stuff right now, about relationship kine stuff. Muy interesante and recommended. Again, ok, can’t link it. that’s like the theme. That I’m underground and non-linking. He’s on the sidebar too, mr. Know it ALL, and whoo doggie he does. Ok well not it all, but a lot.

I’m thinking that the above two paragraphs are really stupid and useless. And I like that.

Ok one link. Props to sahalie.