Monday, July 07, 2003

there’s so much shit going on I got so much shit to do and for the life of me I can’t stop fukn around. Writing this bullshit is probably not helping the cause.

I have something to copyright. It is as follows: you and crack should only be combined for plumber purposes. Or something like that. It may have sounded better in its original context.

If you see that somewhere else, report them to the fcc. The federal commission of crackalackin cake eaters. Oh wait that’s the fccc. Whatever. It’s all g. use it. love it. knead it like some dough, cuz it will make you some papa. Just get me my 10% and the dilly will be scrilly.

Here’s a system that might work. I will work. After I accomplish a task I will write a little something. Let’s try.

Oh wait, I guess now I’m supposed to do something. Ok.

Ok I just did some stuff. I’m being productive. The jerk store has not called yet. I will keep you advised.

I have a pen that when you push a button it glows green. And you can’t have it. it’s mine. Did I mention that I’m a butler in my spare time? Disregard this entire post if I have. Or have not. It’s extremely relevant in its irrelevance.

Oh and don’t sleep on chico & coolwadda.

Whoah I just got something else done. This is working very well. Blogging rights as a reward system.

You can fit a lot of stuff on a zip disk.

Pac bell ain’t shit compared to chavez ravine. Long beach.

Trying to get shit off my desk. Nothing can be left open without instructions to the romulans in express mode by tomorrow. Tomorrow is d-day. tomorrow night is airpline ridey ride. Red-eye shmed-eye.

Ok back from lunch. Jesus whut a fukn cluster fuck. shit always takes longer than you think and traffic, shit man, don’t you think they could clear the roads when they know I’m gonna be using them? Whut the fuk? I went for the special at the hoagie shop today and fuk, I shoulda stuck with my usual. They always fuk you at the drive through, and even though it wasn’t a drive through, well, it just didn’t work out. At the phillie shop get a fukn phillie, moron, don’t fuk around and try to dip into new and adventurous ideas, stick with what works.

Don’t take that to mean more than it does. I’m just talking about a fukn sandwich folks.

Anyway, I’m gonna go find an appropriately retarded picture and publish this crap and get back to slappin skunks.