Tuesday, July 01, 2003

What to write what to write. It’s all dogshit anyway.

I think I’ll go to lunch and tackle this when I get back. I wouldn’t want to give you some undernourished bastardized stepchild type shit. not that there’s anything wrong with being a bastard stepchild. It’s just a fukn expression, don’t be so damn defensive. Shit gotta watch what you say what with the fukn NPC double A all up in the grill, whatever the fuk that is. They’re some kinda agency, na mean, trying to fukn regulate my shit. they should know that only Nate Dogg is allowed to even step into that realm.

Fuk it I’ll give you the bastard stepchild shit. serves you write for fukn being a dolphin waxin gin chaser. Check? Check.

Oh and YO! happy birthday tone-dogger! You da man.