Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Ah here’s to good friends, tonite is kinda special.

Especially fucked up.

What can I say of any consequence and/or entertainment value when there’s so much heavy shit going on in the world today?

They bombed the UN in Iraq. They bombed another bus full of orthodox Jews near East Jerusalem.

But really doe, don’t come here for news. Come for distorted ass retorts and commentary on it.

Or not.

Shit stuff is majorly fucked up. As in Lee Majors.

Yeah dude, really cool. Make jokes about the 6 million dollar man while young kids are in critical who just wanted to get down to grandma’s house & eat some cookies.

I have it oh so fuckin good and all I can do is talk shit and be uninformed and have bullshit opinions and bitch and moan and complain and fret over only having 5 dollars instead of 7.

I am a hoochbag in a fruit salad sandwich.

This is oh so stupid.

I have nothing of value to give you today fair reader(s). hearty apologies. I just can’t go lah-dee-dah and pretend that shit is cool, cuz shit is fucked.

And I got work to do and it’s just news on the internet, it’s not real right? Only it is, and it’s so obvious, that why am I saying it?

Why are you here? Don’t you feel guilty for not looking at the hard hitting news, not soaking up the blood in your noggin?

I watched freddy vs. Jason last nite and there was a shit load of blood. I wonder which had more, that bus bombing or the movie.

That’s a pretty fucked up thing to wonder.

I guess I’m pretty fucked up.

I blame it on gangster rap.

There was a part of the movie where some character said “they’re pulling a columbine” or some shit like that. I found it interesting that “columbine” has entered our lexicon to the degree that it’s like a catch word to mean kill everyone & then kill yourself. That we can joke about something so morbid. What’s the statute of limitation on gravity of a situation?

Aaaaaaarrrrggghhhhh. The pressure of this forum. The self-induced expectation of saying something both pithy & comforting in times of whatever bad stuff is going on. Fuck it, people see you as a fukn clown anyway, keith, so don’t even try to like, be fukn whatever, ok? Just type. It’s therapeutic. It soothes what ails ya.

I’m really hoping to go camping in the very near future.

Please don’t think I’m evil. I’m just an idiot with ten fingers a keyboard and an inability to shut my cornhole.