Friday, August 01, 2003

The combo plate of reasons why is varied and changes on a momentary basis, but shit just seems wacked right now, playboy.

There’s some apples getting juggled in the mill house and after they fall, I am being assured by the powers that be that my stack of apples will be comparable to that to which I am accustomed, possibly even more so, with potential for many more to come, but I’m still fukn wary and paranoid.

Just because you’re fukn paranoid don’t mean they ain’t after your ass.

I just smashed with my fist this grey little centipede looking thing that was crawling on my desk as I listened to a ringing handset and waited for a voice mail. I smashed it before I knew whut I’d done and had like grey slime on my hand & desk and wiped it off with a piece of toilet paper which I keep close by for booger emergencies. I felt neither happy nor sad at the death of a fellow organism, just disgust that I’d made the mess on myself and my environs.

Arrrrggggyle. That’s arggghhh but with a fancy sock connotation. It helps you channel frustration into fashion. That’s why I’m always gucci’d out when I’m ready to flip a cholo stick.

Whut the fuck is a cholo stick? just a fukn stupid ass thing to say.

I miss being on fukn vacation, I’ll tell you that, sonny. This work shit is for the birds. The retarded ones. The ones that got booted outta the high nest, like the one on the lackadaisical Cliffside, and straight plummeted like 90 feet before bouncing off an awning of a pineapple stand and finishing with a hard plop on the blacktop, only to be picked up by a passing motorist with a barette in her hair and back issues regarding childhood love who will thereby beat up that egg and baby bird living therein until a hatch scenarioout of my bloody valentine, and then it’s done did it in the dumper. another teenage wasteland in waiting.

Whatever the fuk that means.

Orange crush and bottom of the barrel vodka is not as good of a drink combination as it may sound. Beware of gifts with fukn to-do lists attached to them. IE some form of transpo that needs to hurdle various legalistic entrapments prior to becoming cop backtalk prepared. But never look that horse in the gullet. Never, my neezies. Nunca. Cuz even if there are ishes attached, shit, it’s something for nothing, which don’t exist, and that is something that even Benjamin may not have foreseen.

OK i'm gonna stop whatever it is i'm doing here. it's friday and i've got cold beers in the fridge at home, just waiting for that bell. waiting, my neezies, but not for Godot, cuz I'm gonna be there. eventually. fa sheezy.

and oh. Mrs. P, the casa feels empty without you, four hungry kids and a crop in the field style. Kenny Rogers certified. ok, well, um, 2 hungry fish and an avocado tree? anyway, missing you, and yes i'm talking to the nether cuz i know you ain't reading this, but it's cool.

oh & mom & dad, sorry i haven't called. I'm a-ok, back on la isla, & looking forward to your guys' visit. and you actually may be reading, so this is more of an actual message. because i'm a lazy pile & haven't even e-mailed. ok i'll try to at least do that today. pile? aye-aye cap'n.