Thursday, August 28, 2003

Do I really have time to blog something?

Is the average airspeed of a European swallow not carrying a coconut the inverse quadratic equation of the Alaskan sheepdog’s population idiosyncratic opaque messenger service?

Ah hell no.

So like, mtv awards tonite. I know 50 gotta be winnin something, shit 50 ain’t get no respect frum the undaground, but it’s just cuz he’s blowin up, I think he’s got his shit together.

Shit, keith is gonna kick my ass fer saying that.

Why am I so sure that keith would rip on 50 like that, shit maybe doc ock thinks fukn em’s protégé’s like the shit, like fish sandwich with a side o’ mayo, na mean, shit, anything can happen.

Cube is so old school now I both love it & hate it.

The hot new shit is murs, shit there’s a cut with shock g & humpty hump (the same person? Still not sure) that is straight up sick boy style, I mean social distortion would be down with the cause.

How the fuk did hit man get so much air time on the chronic 2001 and shit muthafucka like strait disappeared after that. At least devin’s still hangin’ outside the club, smoking bunch a dank and clockin’ hoes.

Fukn snoop dogg is still the shizzle. I hope he picks up some hardware tonite.

Fukn em ain’t pickin up shit tonite, mark that down.

Fukn Justin ain’t pickin up shit either. Fukn missy’ll pick something up.

Shit could’ve already started for all I know. I’m talking out my ass.

You should read tony’s treatise on this matter, it’s mad phatter.

Now throw that shit in the muthafuckin air goddammit.