Thursday, August 07, 2003

From the private journal of john p. Farnsworth III, duke of Kalihi and outlying junctures

All names have been changed to protect the unprotected


Well – what a trip – Switzerland is frikken rad, to quote valley girl – even got to do some gambling at the Grand Casino in Bern last night – won me 45 swiss franks (@ $30) gyeah – damn dawg – the mountain – jungfrau – was sooo dope - mass snow & view action – ice caves – aw shit - & OH – the HR Giger (art director for Alien) museum – doh – crip – can somebody say “not-so-repressed masochistic/sadistic sexual dominance cross species obsessive disorder?” Even the OG’s Oscar was on display & a pic of Farrah Fawcett handing him the goods – Oh & the Fondue the other nite was just 2 fukn good – like 5 cheeses mixed with wine & cream & dip bread in that shit, & let ferment in your stomach – good times – well my flight is early tomorrow AM – back to H-town – PEACE