Monday, August 04, 2003

From the private journal of john p. Farnsworth III, duke of Kalihi and outlying junctures

All names have been changed to protect the unprotected


Sunday – Mittelhausen, Switzerland – a la casa de Sista A & fam. Beautiful 3 story condo/house in the countryside. – London was crip – big city loc. Let’s see – last I left you we had just got there. WELL – we had a bus tour & saw the sites – also caught Madame Tussauds & the London Dungeon – (the girls chickened out) a TAD more cheesy than yo recuerdo but still cool – Big Ben, Parliament, Soho, Liecester – good times with the crizew. Time to craiyuze to some lake or sumpin – peace out in bitten effect.


Monday – Mittelhausen – went with Sven (Mrs. P’s bro-in-law) to go pick up rental car this AM – 1st time I got insurance on a rental – foreign country + pouring rain + mysterious loud crashing sound from outside at the critical moment of decision = anotha sucka. Oh vell. Yesterday’s lake adventure was criiiiiip. Thune lake is magnificent – beautiful scenery – mountain chalets, people swimming – good shtuff. Big storm passing through last nite – still raining today – postponing trip up a huge mountain – instead we’ll check out some towns & have some fukn FONDUE goddamit. How the HELL did the OG’s write like this? My hand hurts. Peace.