Thursday, August 21, 2003

holy shit I did not know this!!!

Cal’s going up against Kansas State this Saturday, as in day after tomorrow, at KC’s Arrowhead stadium, Black Coaches Classic or some shit like that. Earliest season opener for Cal, like, EVER. oh, i'm on it like bubONIC.

This is dope, as in, Cal playing in a mouth watering center stage power house made for TV spectacular, oh wait what channel? Aaaahh yeah, espn bitches!! ain't barely any other games going on this time of year HOES.

First time ever meeting between the two teams. Bear in mind k-state is ranked #5. and cal is ranked, um, whut, #105??? Shit, we lost EVERYBODY from last season’s squad.

Ain’t no matter, time to regulate, shit warren G will be like DAMN!

Fuuuuuuuuck yeah. Time to stomp some pseudo-mannhattanite ASS.

Bow down to the mighty golden bears!!!

That means YOU, buddy!

(ok Cal will probably get stomped, but fuk it, season hasn’t started, which is the prime time to talk smack when you’re a golden bear fan). Thank you, your welcome, aloha.

NOTE: the above will all be blamed on a brain tumor if cal gets their asses kicked. Film at 11.