Thursday, August 14, 2003

I suppose I should write something substantive rather than just being a cop out lyric posting ghetto bastard. Although eff you muthafucka was quite apropos.

Gotta love the word apropos, it’s so apropos of joe and frank and moe. Yaddie-doe.

Ain’t got much to say and lots of time to say it. actually I really should be kickin in the productivity right about… now. But when the cake is away the candles will play so they say. They being the third parallel contingent group by which all of these words are edited and approved for not-so-mass consumption.

Ever started writing something that about like into the third or fourth semi-sentence you realize that the dogshit store called and you’re stealing their material?

Cool thing of the day: I scored a $1 sir mix-a-lot cd during lunch. Seminar. Damn that shit is dated. Beepers, gortex, but shit “I got game” still has some bounce, and you gotta love “my hooptie.” It’s almost as down as the word “apropos.”


Fukn Arnold running for guv. Tony did a super-keen (hold on, I’m being strapped to the rack and tortured for about three hours for using the word super-keen) ok I’m back. Where was I? Oh yeah a su… um, really good photo-essay on ahhhnnnooolllddd running for governor, or something like that. Anyway, whatever it is, you should click here and read/view it, you’ll be mighty glad you did.

I don’t know, as much as his dad is a nazi and he’s like cheated on his wife his whole marriage (gasp! A kennedy cheating on his wife?? Never.) I’d probably still vote for Arnold for guv. Wait scratch that, I think we need a different stroke. Hmmm, actually that term would be apropos of two parties running in this circus. No, I won’t spell it out for you, it wouldn’t be apropos of high-brow humor in the third circuit. Did I use third circuit already? Damn writers, they’re leaving me nothing, nothing I tell you. I want to be like Bob Hope and be the kind of professional entertainer that credits his writers, which I heard he was good about doing. So the one that came up with the insanely amusing “apropos” theme of this post as well as the joke about mary carey and Arnold Drummond (Jackson) ah shit I wasn’t gonna tell you! dagnabbit willis, um where was I? Oh yeah, the writer for that section was rhesus monkey #72 otherwise known as voltron-fucker, cuz his “girlfriend” ie masturbatory toy is an old voltron action figure. I don’t know if that shit is inspiring the old boy or what, but shit is getting about as hilarious as jack ass magilla gorilla up in this hizznazzle.

Sterling wrote an amaaaaaazing post today about, fuck I hate describing shit, just click here and read it will ya?

Damn, fukn the east coast has a major fukn blackout and europe’s on fire. Now you’re gonna tell me def leppard broke up.

Um, fuk, I guess that’s about it for now.