Friday, August 29, 2003

I told you 50 would win.

Well I also told you Justin wouldn’t, so, well, whatevs.

Damn I was a little surprised, and then a little not surprised, that Johnny Cash got shut out. I mean, that was a bad ass video. Bad ASS.

Fuck, whatever.

Kate Sullivan is almost always a really good read. You should check her out. She's down with Immaculate Heart, so don't papa hate peeps.

fukn motorcycles gear shifter is kind of fucking up on the down shifts last couple days. should probably take it in for a tune-up this weekend.

I wish I knew jack shit about like vehicle maintenance and repair, besides checking the fukn oil and like looking at the tires and thinking "hmmm those should probably be changed out."

I wish I was one of those "handy" people that could fix shit just by taking it apart. fuk I take shit apart and gotta call in the rhesus monkeys and fukn that egg guy that was sitting on the wall and those horses and shit to put that shit back together again.

One time I did fix my CD player, though, but Aquaman helped me figure it out.

so I guess I can be semi-handy when I put my mind to it.

Fukn I don’t really have jack shit to say right now, so I guess I’ll get some work done.