Tuesday, August 19, 2003

I wanna be deep and I wanna be shallow. Sometimes I rhyme slow sometimes I rhyme quick. (nice n smooth, for the og’s)

I like that trevor’s back in the saddle. I also like that he can put up a picture of big pun and not try to dress it up, just call it what it is, a picture of big pun, ya know, just put it up and say “here’s a picture of big pun.”

Fukn brilliantly understated yet totally complete. The kinda shit that I only dream about. I overstate, I manipulate words to the degree that they totally lose their meaning, review them, satisfied that no one will be able to glean any meaning from them whatsoever, find a picture that has absolutely nothing to do with what I wrote and then go on with my day content with the knowledge that I contributed (to what) to jack shit ville acres and the associated contingent, that’s what.

People keep coming here looking for kool keith. I’m not him folks. Well I am a version of the back alley subconscious version of like, an alter ego of batman’s butler. But I ain’t no rapper, check out true for that shit, fukn verses on top of hearses.

Speaking of bloggers with sick verses, whut the fuk happened to 3rd leg, ferreal? Does anybody know? Has anybody e-mailed homey, heard anything whatsoever, I hope the guy’s alive.

Just wondering.

Shit I’m gonna have to go dig up links to that shit now. That’s what happens when the brain spits and you’ve been delving into bloggerville, suddenly you gotta dig shit up.

Ah fuck bad line. I hope 3L’s still alive. Seriously I’m wondering. What would make you just totally abandon a high quality blog (aHEM, cough, urk, um, meesh?)

Whutsup with Malaysian meesh now that I think about it? I haven’t checked up on her in days (not literal days, well literal days, but not literal just a few days, as in literal maybe 100 days, but when I go there to get the link for this I will find out and so should you, cuz from what I remember it was high quality entertaining Malaysian type stuff with a twist of lime – ok I made up the lime part)

The cool thing (ok not THE cool thing, one of many cool things) about meesh was that she was like this big blogger star that was totally oblivious of it and gave less than a rats asshole burger about her playaz club status. There was another meesh, and what did she do? Not like SOME people who would have thrown a little hissy fit and started a huge blog controversy over someone biting her shit and then abandoning the fray and having people lose their jobs over it and other associated dogshit ass acres, no…

Um where was I? Oh yeah, mildly out of control. Um, meesh, she was cool. Colorado/Oxnard meesh that is. Blog meesh blog. Dammit.

Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah BLAH.

Oh yeah so I was gonna say that meesh is cool about other people being named meesh. Even though Malaysian meesh was probably first cuz she has the “meesh” tagline on her blogspot action. Duh george duh.

Whoah there’s like a little spider walking across some papers on my desk. Dang there have been like these giant blue-green shiny metallic flying bugs in here lately that I’m pretty sure are mutated horseflies shrunken down slightly and granted armored plating from Ace hardware. My horse eddie told me that. It’s a secret.

Jeez another typical horseshit linking post kissing the ass of other bloggers. Guess I’m a good ol’ traffic whore at heart after all. But I won’t link those that I hate on. That’s for the remix, and you gotta get yer ass down to sam goody & lay down $15.99 fer that shit. check the files for the kool keith underground shit with randy rhoads on guitar. The year before the plane accident that stole the greatest axe smith of all time he did a funky ass rap version of crazy train with the og octagonal one, yeah, dr. dooom pebblestone, and keith was whut like, down with ultramags, and shit, it never came out, but I got it.

Ok no I don’t, I’m making shit up.

And the runner up for lamest blog post ever for which a blog lost any respect that it may have ever earned in the gigasphere in one fell swoop, goes to, batman’s butler and the g’d up from the feet up diamond glass holding bastard sword duck soup eating dogshit acres taskmaster ghetto blaster.

This thing just won’t die so it’s time to kill it.