Friday, August 22, 2003

Ooohhkay I suppose I have time to dash off some piece of dog crap before quittin time.

This is literally just gonna type, yahoo whatev pic looks aight, post, and dash for the motocyclia para el journey home to I can encapsulate a space capsule capsizing in lake Caspian. Farrrrreal.

So anyway, the ball hit the ceiling but it really didn’t, I’m thinking that if I type a bunch of shit then the ceiling will collapse but in a benign fashion streaming out like these various balloons saying certain insignias like “news at 11” or stupid lines that inferior writers use over and over again in some strange attempt at humor factor.

Hmmm that reminds me of this weird nether region of the ol’ net I was in. stuff I’ve been checking. No need to name names, (she/he named names, you NAMED the NaMeLesS dammittttt.) oh no I didn’t, but so anyway this guy named (ahhh tricked ya) whatever his ass is on all these comic covers dressed up like conan and rom and shit like that and it is just sooooooo deep in the internet it scared me for a second, I was like, am I supposed to see this, am I supposed to know about this crap, is it like serious what these people are doing here?? And it was so entertaining but I just can’t tell you how to get there, sorry, I guess I’m the opposite of the true blogger who would whereby direct you to said facilities.

Well now that you think I’m a big pile of donkey shit, I shall indicate to your and the various other syndicates to have a very merry unweekday for the next couple days, as in you know, tank beers.