Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Strange vibes around the skunkworks, there’s sulfur in the air, and it ain’t from a rotten rodent carcass even one blessed with varying perfumes from the deepest heart of India. (ok I pulled India out of my ass, but the rest, long beach.)

Ah eff the skunkworks. I mean, nah, not ladatt cuz, but, ya know, in an existential sense. Like when bono sings about it, ya know, it must be deep.

Did I mention that Bob’s Big Boy is from Glendale?

Tommy lee on howard last nite was fukn classic. But even more classic was fukn the guy from jackyl who invented the chainsaw/guitar coming out on tom green and fuckin up tom’s desk. Tom got all pissed and just ripped the guy. Fukn clah-sick, best of the new show so far, he should buy jackyl dude a new Armani suit and a pair of dolce & gabanna surfwear combos, cuz that shit is gonna make it so happyville acres can also be Greenville. Tom green is deceptively talented, watch out metropolis, but this kooky fella

Whut the fuk am I doing? Tom fukn green gets enuff fukn press without me doing a fukn disco inferno over the fuk. Shit.

Dude fukn ncaa football 2004 on ps2 is super sick. The ea sports one with Carson palmer on the cover. Oh. Shit. dawg. It’s like whoah. 4.8 out of 5 stars. By mr. I hardly ever play fukn video games so my logic and dimensions are probably all skewed to fuk. But I know my madden based football history young buck and when it comes to video pig iron I’ll talk yang and get in the muthafuckin ring with anybuddy who isn’t name lee Epstein.

Comprende senores y senoras y ninos y ninas y senoritas en la casa?? Gyeah. Yeah my espanol is crap-ay-ole but still you can’t playa hate on an eastside wit the latin thug thang. Ok but shit dawg keep that shit on the under! Loan me five dollas?

Fukn silkk the shocker is WAY more influential than the mainstream and underground press will ever give him credit for. (ok here’s where I fall in the slipstream of jackerville. Every time I try to legitimize silkk, it always gets so that 20% that was thinking I wasn’t on crack is suddenly sure I’m coked out and quivering in the corner of the food shelter, fighting a rat for a cracker jack – but c’mon hear me out) so anyway, um, where was I? Sorry I have no argument to back up that statement.

That seems an appropriate capper to the predicament at hand.