Monday, August 18, 2003

Um, wolf?

Don’t say I didn’t warn you, contingent, shit ya know, I talks yang like I was fukn an og zhi-zhi, riding pine for the clips and cursing Donald sterling under my breath.

Weird thing happened this weekend. I really started digging Hawaii again.

Maybe it was the shock of getting back to the real life grind of day in day out dogshit acres expectancies, but the hangover from europa was making my little island seem something less than the haven of crizzopolis that it really is.

But fuk you never know maybe tomorrow I’ll be over it again.

But as for now plan is on course, kick it, maybe fukn buy a pad in the next not too distant whatever the fuk you call it, chill like jim donbrowski, and fuk, never know, maybe I’ll be back in cali before you know it. keep the home fires burning you goddamm jackalopes.

But seriously, part of me thinks I’ll be doing lines of gray poupon with a fukn beret on my head and a poodle named fifi riding shotgun, jaunting day trips out to the loire valley in my smart car before I reside in the golden state again anytime soon.

Or maybe anti’s right. Maybe cali is a big fukn magnet for all those born & raised within its confines. Maybe I will be caught in its swirling vortex of doom and trundle through the nether winding up on the corner of Colorado and Brand, tha muthafuckin heart of Glendale, wondering whut the fuk happened. G’d up from the feet up.

Fuk I gotta pee. I don’t wanna get fukn euromycetisis poisoning, then I’ll really be fucked.

Really appreciate everybody’s feedback on my internal ramblings which I spilled onto blogger for all to behold. I was pretty surprised that you all actually gave a rat’s asshole burger & took the time to tell me what you thunk. Mahalo mahalo, and more mahalos for you in the back.

Saw whale rider yesterday. Really good flick.

I have GOT to see freddy vs. Jason. I don’t care to hear from anyone that thinks it sucked monkey balls. Well scratch that, I care to hear from anyone that has jack shit to say, but really, even if it was the worst movie of all time, I still must see it, if for nothing else than to see how they handle the combination of the two guys’ theme music. For some reason that is nudging my curiosity. Plus hearing Kelly Rowland say “fuck” over & over sounds like good times.

Um, let’s see anything else? Guess that’s it for now.

Peace out in bitten effect stuck wit a late pass. Freedom is a road seldom traveled by the multitude. There is your random public enemy quotation requirement for this afternoon.

Now go take on the day! and fuck Dr. Laura.

It's been a while since I posted a comic book cover. ok done & done. guess i'll take care of that whole peeing thing now.