Monday, August 11, 2003

Why why why? It’s just another execution…

Fukn ATL don’t get near the respect they should. fukn cold 187, damn dawg, where you been, keeping it real working security at the jiffy lube? Holla playa. I know you ain’t got that murda rap and shit, KMG is peepin the scene at tower records, jackin fools comin out with their MC eiht records, shit ain’t right…

It’s so not cool to end paragraphs with that three dot bullshit. I hereby promise I won’t pull that assclown dog tripe no more…

Doh! I guess my discipline is really for shit, eh? So anywhat, fukn grinded too much Mexican food last nite with wifey & the folks. They’re stayin at a pretty phat rental in lanikai. View of the mokes is off the hook fa sheezy so don’t say I never propped you on the werd. Don’t never.

Fukn computer at home is sooooo fucked. I think it was pissed we ignored it while on vaycay. Should have had the contingent come in & fire it up but fuk that, the writing is on the wall & it’s saying “buy another fukn computer you cheap fuk.” Fuk especially since I’m fukn payin for broadband & now I can’t even use that shit. once the shit is up you should see some posts from the casa though. Or not. Hmmm, that doesn’t read back so good. better have the rhesus monkeys edit that shit out.

Speaking of pythagorus I forgot to tell you (yes you) that we checked out einstein’s crib while we were in bern, Switzerland. Shit was tight, yo. Fukn albert was pretty smart I guess, for an amateur. And yes I know that he didn’t invent the pythagoreum theorem, it was that guy pizza head, you know, pumpkin head’s cousin? Yeah that dude. Oh and sorry those prehensile tail having mofos edited out the pythagorus reference thereby making the first sentence of this paragraph totally not sensical. Ya know, I can’t even remember what I said about pythagorus, I think it was something about, um, fuk, I honestly can’t remember. Damn that shit is totally lost. Fuk it was relevant too. Fukn rhesus monkeys get a little overzealous sometimes. most hearty apologies.

So fukn bern is a pretty sick town, you should chiggedy chilzneck it if you’re ever in that, um, district, and stop by the Einstein crib and tell em big daddy sent you. big daddy is my um stage name if you catch my um drift.

The relation or at least mental connection between pythagorus & Einstein though was that they both came up with a pretty famous theory. And I was in the damn house where he came up with that shit. both e=mc squizaired and his first son were born in that fukn flat dagniggedienabbit. Ferreal. Right down the street from the famous clock that you think it’s gonna do something really trippy on the hour and it’s not quite nearly as spectacular as you think. Basically this little guy bangs a bell and this bear like rotates and this little satan looking guy like shakes like a jar of mustard or something. Entertaining but not something to write home about. BUT something to write to people that somehow bump into frank stapleton’s hidden diary.

I want to end this as awkwardly as possible just to leave y’all with an uncomfortable feeling but I’m having trouble finding the words. Oh wait there they are. Nah, that ain’t gonna cut it. um, shark testicles? That doesn’t inspire comfort in me, at least, maybe I’m the minority.