Wednesday, September 24, 2003

before I start talking about the jurk storr, I wanted to mention a few vitally important items.

Tony Pierce went to the White Stripes concert at Griffith Park in LA last night.

A taste spoon:

“soul music unlike anything since stevie ray vaughn and hendrix and early clapton. super early clapton when he didnt give a fuck. jack white fell to his knees and it wasnt bullshit, it was the spirit of rock who brought him to his knees and pushed his nose into the twangy roots of bb and muddy and reinvent themselves through the swirly peppermint facade of the two whitest blues stars in america.”

The families of the Hose Monster and the Hose Mistress are getting set for their first summit meeting, and HM is getting prepped for the potential shenanigans.

A taste spoon:

“I confess to a little trepidation at how my family will come off as well. The Hose Monsters have a bit of a track record of enjoying their time together a little too much and causing too much of a ruckus. Certainly excessive consumption of alcohol has contributed to these moments, along with fancy dinners in a brothel-like setting and the occasional bar fight on St. Patrick's Day resulting in a busted cell phone. Generally we are upstanding, good people, but more conservative types can have trouble adjusting to our, shall we say, energy.”

See folks? There is good shit out there on the innernet. Really, really, really good shit. like as in shit that you should read, as in shit you should digest, as in shit you should cherish like it was your last piece of beef jerky and the macho man randy savage was chasing you down a dark alley with a nail-spike 2x4 ready to do you bodily harm unless placated with processed rats asshole.

In other news, the jurk storr called. It wasn’t about the shrimp this time either.

I’m not at liberty to say what it was about, but I will say that something was running out of something.

That is all for now.