Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Dodgers are just 2 games back in the wild card hunt.

I can feel it. it’s gonna happen this year. Disregard the fact that we have no hitting and that I know next to nothing about baseball. As sure as I know that Tommy Lasorda eats spaghetti, sneaking in the night at 2 AM, when the rest of the house is asleep, dumping a can of slim fast down the drain and heading straight for the marinara sauce, I know that the dodgers are gonna make some noise in the playoffs this year.

I don’t care how long it’s been since the cubs last won. Hey, I’ll root for them to win the NL central, yeah go for it guys, but know this, the dodgers are out for blood, and Eric Gagne will close out any game, just give him the damn ball.

Speaking of Keyshawn Johnson, damn if he didn’t make some pretty impressive catches in the Monday night game. Tampa Bay looks downright scary, and this coming from the man that hates that damn chucky doll traitor jon gruden while also not being able to totally despise him.

Whatever. So what else is going on contingent o’ mine?

Wait don’t answer that. Or actually, do, but think of your own questions, something more creative than mine, and provide a thoughtful response. Or don’t. either way it’s cool, really.

The ataris are actually pretty good. Yes I’ve said that before. And I’m still diggin that 50-cent snoop remix of pee eye em pee, don’t axe me why. Something about, hmm, the benjamins? Nah. Whatevs. I ain’t kurt loder and I don’t play him on the teleprompter.

Jeezo-peezo, the well may be running dry. Oh, my bad, there’s the reserves.

Hmm the source is diminishing however. Better save some of that for another day.

And with that I bid you adieu for now and aloha from the island of Oahu. Don’t forget to write.

Oh and another thing -

Happy Birthday Dad! Thanks for taking me to all those Dodger games. One of these days I’ll be out there during baseball season & we’ll catch another one. Dang those were the days, going to the ballpark with the cub scouts, bringing a mitt, hoping a foul ball would come our way. Good times. Hope you’re having a great day!