Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Does trent reznor just need a hug? I think I’ve mentioned that before. Repetition is second only to godliness. Or is that cleanliness? Shit, cleanliness has gotta be at least 5th I would think.

Muscle68 (whom I consider extremely wise despite his protestations) enlightened me on a theory regarding why gay people are so obsessed with and seemingly relate so well to Julie Newmar, the first (and by FAR best) catwoman. It’s because, just like them, she wanted to fuck Batman.

Is that correct? Is adam west a symbol of gay lust? Can someone with knowledge regarding this subject clue me in? mahalo.

So, um, what else. Maybe I’ll take a break for a minute and have some jewel of brilliance to impart on you. or not. More likely I’ll grab a few rhesus monkeys and smash them into a wall into submission until they do my bidding and saddle up to the keyboard and write the real shit, the good shit, the unsullied documentation of the underbelly of our fair society.

Fair society. Huh. Is that, like, ironic? Remember when ethan hawke like elucidated on the definition of irony so correctly in that movie with wynona rider? Yeah, fuck ethan hawke. Geez that character was so smart and so, like, grunge. Good U2 song though.

Yeah guy?

Um that seems just begging for copyright adjustment ie editing, but you know the story, contingent. Thou shalt not. Despite the protestations of a 1000 octopi I shall administer the raw jurk storr infusion and you will like it or not and then tell your friends or not and then pass out from the incessant necessity for understanding regarding whatever the fuck it was I was just talking about.

This is a pretty funny little story about a cop incident. It made me think about how it sucks to be THAT GUY, you know that guy, where like you’re trying so hard to do a good job but you just keep fucking up.

I had a really wacky dream parts of which I may impart on you later on, but for now, in all reality and multiverse layered existentialism, I have work to do. Peace out in bitten effect and don’t forget your late pass. Step.