Thursday, September 04, 2003

I just ate a brownie. It was good.

Ok so the answer to the big mystery question is that the spider-man vs. wolverine comic was significant because (drumroll please) it featured the death of the hobgoblin.

Ugh. Anticlimax? Need some acid reflux medicine? What, talk to me kids.

Anyway, the pic you see today is when it was finally revealed who the hobgoblin was, which came out AFTER the referenced wolvie vs. spidey comic. See, hobbie was like the mystery villain, as a fan you didn’t know who he was, and this guy was like THE spidey villain of the late 80’s early 90’s, yes a rehash of the original green goblin, but a damn good rehash, yessir. Click here for lots of info about him, origin, weapons, modus operandi, etcetera. Be aware that the actual name written there is wrong, this was undoubtledly indubitably written before the issuance of said issue you see before you here, um, in this space, over, yes, there.

So who was the hobgoblin?? Why none other than Ned Leeds, husband to Betty Brant, Peter Parker’s very first girlfriend. Yes the fascination points are stacking up like muthafuckin jenga up in heah. (heah is getto-fab for here, btw). So yeah, and it was cool, cuz in the wolvie spidey book, it was just known that like ned leeds got killed in his hotel room in like, fucking Russia or some shit, on journalistic assignment with peter parker, there was no mention of the hobgoblin, but THEN we find out later that holy shit, this so called random assassination was not so random and the kingpin or somebody cleaning up the fucking salad dressing and acing the hobgoblin.

Yeah, so there’s that. Fuk boring-ville USA.

Jesus Christ folks, I didn’t mean for this to turn into fucking coockenheimerville central, I really didn’t, you gotta understand it’s stream of consciousness type diatribe unedited and unscripted, it’s like off the chain, with mild influence from the comments and like, where’s the chain of command, I mean, if the jerk store calls, am I just supposed to sit there like there’s no shrimp?? Shit.

So big ups to Ryan for almost getting the super secret answer, I mean, he had it, but I had to give him some hints, but then he was the only one that would have known, but surprisingly, there were others of you that were interested, or I mean, well, comic books have entered the public consciousness to a degree and thanks to Hollywood magic, that heretofore have not been seen in the pop culture mainstream diorama to this extent, I mean.

The retardedness continue. On and on and on and on and on. The real kool keith would like seriously be issuing a ghetto-pass revoking right.. about… now. And yes I know that’s naughty by nature, but I think that keith has much more right to revoke my ghetto pass than treach, shit, treach is like, whut, a fukn porn star, and shit, well, keith might be too, for all I know, but treach is like, whut the fuck do I care, and like FUCK, this is going absolutely nowhere.

See this is what happens when you just type a bunch of horsecrap and then cut and paste it into blogger and hit publish and hope for the best.