Thursday, September 04, 2003

muthafuck dre muthafuck snoop muthafuck death row

fukn cooooooooooooooooolld 187 in the hizzle. Actually, muthafucking easy muthafuckin E dawg. Ah shit, I noticed this page outta somewhere where you can see how much I say shit. peep it. I think I need to be saying shit way more. Like as in every other shit word shit should shit be shit. a shit, a shit, a female shit, shit, a shit of golden shit, shit a shit I call myself, shit a long long way to run……..

shit, why was that bitch all running around on that hill and spinning around like saying the hills were alive?? Dang, pass me a fucking piece of that window pane goddammitt.

So I just had to fucking expand on the shenanigans, and shit, sometimes I think, like shit, like maybe I should only post so much shit, like at a time, ya dig, and then I think, shit, I should post like 80 posts a day, but I know you gotta hold back a little and then I think, fuck holding back. You know, I got like 72 posts fucking already ready to go up in this bitch, like on a fucking assembly line, like ready to crank the fuck out, like ready to just drop that shit in a box, send down the fucking warehouse, fucking put a muthafucking stamp on that muthafucker, and have fuckn guido from ya know, upstairs, come down and like confiscate that shit for like, um 5 minutes, and then wait and see and then once it’s clear, fucking call up muthafuckin newman to like pick that shit up and deliver it fresh to your door like a muthafucking pizza and you don’t even have to leave a goddamm tip.

How’s that for fucking service? Shit.