Monday, September 08, 2003

So like yeah when she couldn’t hold she folded.

Which reminds me, I ‘ve been washing a mighty lot of that poker tournament on espn. It is just absolutely riveting in my humble opinion. I mean watching guys named okefenoke going up against shaman joe Jackson and like this guy from Iceland is just about as high quality televsion as you can get in this day & age my brutha. From anotha motha. Like no otha in this struggle against the, well, the man.

What man?

THE man mein freunds. You know, the one keeping us down. You and me. And chrisotpher reeve make three. Fukn superman fell of his horse, i bet in the middle of a jump over this like ivy looking dillio trying to see over the hill at the yankee game like with his super vision across the country strait got BucKed off his horse like a papa-chasa. You know the kine, super blue eyed dude with like the heat vision tip cuing on like fukn the bat of Jason Giambi in the bottom of the ninth like wackin it over some boston dude. and i wonder if he would have tried to like use his freeze breath against it and like totally shut that scene down.

And like the cubs, well, like, whatever I wouldn’t say eff the cubs but ya know whut eff the cubs, cuz they’re in the dodgers way and ya know whut, I just got a feeling, in fact, I’m gonna say it, dodgers beat giants in the playoffs this year. You heard it here first. 7 games, dodgers win it at San Fran effen joker malone stadium, and bastitch will be in the 18th row strait crying like a little girl that done lost her auntie’s umbrella case that she passed on down from like 83 generations.

Seriously doe. That I mean more than the squared average mean of like an unladen swallow NOT carrying a coconut, as for the one that is laden with like 85 coconuts will be the contingent from like the 78th acre of cricket corner, off of Honolulu blvd. Local yokels in bifocals.

Yours truly, the chairman of the board