Sunday, September 21, 2003

So what the hell is up continGENT! Gyeah.

So like I don’t know if I mentioned it but the Mercado de los jerkeros called at about 5 astro medallions this afternoon and there was a very important announcement involving shrimp and the ocean running out of them.

So like, we went to, um, Hanauma bay today with tone-dogger and his girlie. We saw MAD fishies, I’m telling you. It was like fish to the extreme and vandals were getting rocked, um, I mean, MICS were getting rocked, like vandals, but not, and yes I used that line already.

It’s all about repetition in this hizzle. I mean, how am I gonna improve on my, um, dictation, without like practice, na mean? of course you do.

So Hawaii. Yes I live in Hawaii. On Oahu to be precise, the gathering place locs. Did you know that if you look at the links on the left of this page there is a section entitled (and appropriately I am thinking) things you may NOT have known about living Hawaii? Well there is. My original plan was to write 50 things, but if memory serves me correct I’ve penned like I don’t know, 40 of them or some shit like that. If that number is incorrect you are free to phone me at my troubalert line that is not associated with the Mercado jerkero, wait, um, hold on, ok, I meant not associated with the super friends. Geez, if you only knew how much bill gates made difficult writing the word that is the definition of the emergency system employed by the that famous conglomeration of heroes, you'd have serious, um, sympathy for me, or something.


Ok, um, so yeah, we went to Hanauma bay. It’s like a really famous like fish place, like with a big reef with mad snorkeling opportunities, which will hook you up with infamous viewage of underwater life. Farreall. On the hizzle fa shizzle.

You may be wondering what the fuck blogger just led you to but just go with it. Or not. Either way I get paid. In pride points. For every thought you have of how much astromedallions I might be wearing, I get 85 pride points. Whut the fuck is a pride point you may ask which is a very valid question to which I will answer I have no fucking idea.

Sorry about that delay right there. Also sorry for calling it a delay in that for the association of factoid information, for you it was most likely not a delay, unless there was some kind of glitch in the space time continuum which might be much more probable than originally thought. Um, yeah, so, um, the delay was due to the fact that I had to feed our fish wacko. When I say we I mean me & mrs. P, my lovely and delectable better half ie my wife.

For more information on wacko, the most amazing and in my opinion personable fish in the galaxy you may want to consult with leah. Not that she’s ever met or associated with wacko, but she does have a fish named taco, so that is some very relevant information which you must be armed with if you are going to be successful in the battle against Brandon.

Um, yeah. So the other thing that we did after hanauma bay was what? Oh yeah, we went to portlock, which is like this sick ass place to go kick it and watch the sun set. I won’t even try to go into like the geological ramifications of this destination but leave it to be known that if you go to google and type in portlock you will most likely be given a better explanation of said incident(s). if not feel free to e-mail me (link to the left, again, yes I am a repetitive motherfucker, you were warned about this in paragaraph x) or call my super secret hotline which I’ve only revealed about 72 times at 976-PHUK.

So after portlock, which is like a ledge like ocean abutting juncture, we made our way to azteca restaurant in kaimuki for some delicious comida de mexico. That’s all I’m going to say about that. Mahalo.

so then we made our way back to the east side and after chilling at the holiday casa of tone-dogger and his girlie for a tad (guy running behind a bus) we made our way to this karaoke place in Kailua and got slightly faded and sang songs and all the local peeps were super cool even though I’m a haole.

All in all a very good day. If I had to rate it I would give it 7 astro medallions. This is an excellent score as the perfection rate is 8.

Oh and I sang “have you seen the rain” by Creedence Clearwater Revival.

All righty then. Mrs. P has just fallen asleep on the couch, it is about 2 am, I am mildly inebriated, and it is time for me to bid you all adieu.