Tuesday, September 16, 2003

So whut to do, whut to do? It’s a busy morning, contingent. Think I’ll have to bust my old trick, ya know, write a little work a little. Let’s see how it goes.

Ok now I’m gonna call this ass crapsterpiece master. He’s like the head of the Mercado where you buy those people that are like in that steve martin movie. You know, the famous one where he was born a poor black child? Imagine a place where you could go buy those, well this guy’s the president, but yet I have to call him. hold on. Just hold your goddamm horses. Hold them tight, reel in the rains, go easy on the throttle, ok let’s try 3rd gear, yeah fuck 2nd, overrated, ok we’re cruising. Um, seriously though, phone call time.

Ooo-weeeh I just got some serious work done. I but the “b” in worker bee. Actually fuck that I ain’t nobody’s worker bee, I’m like randy moss, I play when I wanna play. Na mean? And if you don’t, it ain’t nuthin but a thang, dig.

So, my fukn air conditioning, it got fixed, it was like, barely working, turns out the filter just needed to be cleaned, so now I keep switching back and forth from 80 degrees and 82 degrees. 80 keeps getting a little cold but 82 just is way to warm. And don’t even get me started on 78. me and 78 are on some serious bad terms ever since that melted twix bar incident. Oh wait, um, I mean frozen twix bar incident. Ok you caught me I made that up. More workie.

Gyeah, this system works like a fukn charm I tell you. I’m getting mad shit done. At this rate I’ll be millionaire by the time I’m 116 years old. Fuck yeah. There’s this little Buddha on my desk like staring at me, not taunting me, inspiring me, telling me that you, keith, you, can be the man in more than just your own mind, you’re good enough, smart enough, and etcetera enough, to make the first team all Mercado jerkero.

And you know what? He might have something there. God bless us, everyone. Allah too. Oh and the spirit of enlightenment or whatever. And, um, zeus, for any pagans still roaming the plains. Am I forgetting anyone? Zoroastrianists, you can get in on this too, don’t be shy. This figurative bus is big and roomy, hop on board, we’re going to shabbalabbaville, where the keg is always full.

of imported or sammies. none of that keystone or pabst blue ribbon shit.