Wednesday, September 03, 2003

this moment in time is extraordinary in that, um, the jerk store called. Oh shit I’m not supposed to say that. I don’t want to be known as the source for that certain store that is popular for supply of said um type of individual whereby you may associate Steve Martin.

Whuuuuut the fuck ever.

Sometimes the posts that seem the absolute worst to me while I’m typing them out, when I go back and read them, I think they’re gold. Gold, baby, gold.

I really don’t get my fascination with tooth jewelry. I mean, I would never actually get it, I just think it’s too funny, it begs for commentary, literally pleads for it, I mean. It, is like, asking for it in a manner which implies desperation.

So like, if a swallow is unladen, then what will its air speed velocity be, and shit, throw in a coconut in there, I mean, what’s gonna happen there?

Not that you give half a FUCK but I’ve been posting random clipper shit at clipper. (top of your links lift to the left, well actually, MY links list, yes I link myself at the top, cuz, shit, it’s my shit, na mean, MY shit, all mine, peanuts included – ok dammit, I’ll just fucking link it – HERE – fuck, I just don’t wanna be considered one of those egocentric assholes that are like linking themselves and references to themselves and fukn shit like that). Anyway, I figgered that bball season is rapidly approaching, I mean, shit, like, next month, and nobody but nobody wants to hear me talking all kinds of stupid shit about the clippers every other day, which I will be tempted to do, and add that with the ongoing problem I’ve been having with trying to find some purpose for a dog named clipper and then an epiphany hit me, talk shit about the clippers there. So it’s a clippers forum. Until I decide to, like, talk about something else in there, which could be, like, this afternoon.

So there’s that, which is obviously the most interesting and goddamm fucking fascinating tidbit of information you have ever fucking heard seen smelled pontificated etcetera.

Have I mentioned lately that I’m still #1 for kool keith on like, every search engine there is? Well, I don’t know about EVERY search engine, maybe not assfuckersearchdotcom, but shit, maybe that one too, don’t know, but google and yahoo give props and aolsearch is like blowing up my site meter. Well not blowing up, but they are a presence to be sure. I wonder if keith will ever notice this dogshit acre. Probably not, I mean, he even said in one song that he don’t go on the fucking innernet, he’d rather be in the Bahamas sipping on some cuervo or something like that, I can’t remember the exact fucking lyric. So sue me.

First person to tell me what famous occurrence in the marvel universe happened in the comic book shown will win a no-prize. Ok, not a no-prize, but I’ll think of something. I’ll link you or some shit. here’s a hint, at first reading, you wouldn’t have even known that as momentous a happening had happened as actually did happen. That’s it, shit I’ve said too much, I’m like giving away platinum grills, fuck, I mean, like, a link from me will give you at least 20 million hits in like the next hour. Seriously, I’m huge in Lithuania, and they are like, addicted to the internet.