Tuesday, September 09, 2003

this should make the recording industry even more popular than they already are. Jesus Christ, ok, let’s sue a 12 year old girl for downloading the theme to “8 is enough” and like nursery rhyme hour with barney’s bastard step-uncle.

Well the 4th edition of the pennyworth home computer seems to be the champ. We exchanged the speakers as well as the tower this time and although I doubt the switch in speakers had any impact I ain’t arguing with the results. Right from the start the sound was crisp clean no caffeine. All good in the hood, and like hours later, the next morning, the sound still coming through like aces high. Now THAT’s what a fucking computer should sound like, contingent.

So I was like thinking should I start downloading shit like crazy off of Kazaa? I’m paranoid as hell what with this lawsuit shit going down. I don’t think I have ever downloaded a song, like ever, but I know a shitload of people that do it on the regulah and not just music, I mean movies that are still in the theatre, tv shows, the whole nine yards, now how can they just arbitrarily pick people at random to direct these lawsuits at? I just don’t get it.

I’ve heard theories that this is all posturing and it will end up out of court with some kind of agreement between the recording industry and Kazaa and similar internet services. I mean, they’ve gotta work together it would seem, because if harnessed in a certain way and under control, that shit could be a major boon to the music industry, allowing people to sample stuff, but stemming the tide so people still have to buy the albums. I guess, shit I don’t know, I ain’t casey kasem, and I don’t play him on tv neither.

Hosemonster’s been writing some fascinating ass-crapsterpieces lately. His perma-links are all fukked though, so just go over there and check it out. Today he’s discussing the hypocrisy of health plans providing viagra but not birth control pills for women. Absolutely ridiculous. And he touches base on the religious aspect of it with, ya know, I ain’t heard a peep from the catholic church referencing viagra. I guess it’s ok for old farts to jizz all over the place as long as no sperm is wasted. I wanna start busting out that tune from monty python meaning of life, “every sperm is sacred” you know with the catholic family with like 300 kids, and one plops out of the broad while she’s doing dishes, and then like down the street is the protestant family with two kids discussing how he can put a little rubber thing on his talliwacker.

Oh and hoseman discusses kyle boller, the former Cal quarterback, now starting for the Baltimore Ravens, and how they went to high school together, and well it’s cal football, so it’s mandatory reading, because the you know what Mercado said so, that’s why.

teen titans pic courtesy of tony z. hopefully he won't surprise me with any beefcake chippendales shots this time around. peep his site for all kinds of teen titans and wonder woman stuff and the ever-infamous much much more. in fact it's long past due he was linked on the left hand side-bar dillio.

So um, what else is in the oven with Dinah? someone in the kitchen I know oh oh oh someone’s in the kitchen with Dinah, beating on that old banjo….

I always wanted to learn to play the banjo. Like so I could play it while I’m on a river in backwoods Louisiana or some shit like that, hoping I don’t see Burt Reynold’s and the squeal like a pig contingent, you know, so I could go hunting for some food and maybe like shoot in the ground and some oil squirt up & I can move the whole fam to a mansion in Beverly.

Hills, that is.