Saturday, September 13, 2003

Well the UH warriors were looking like contenders at the end of the first quarter, but USC pulled the asshanders award out of their back pocket and appear to be beating the island contingent over their collective head with it.

Flipping the channels I was catching that old movie Giant for a spell. You know, james dean, elizabeth taylor, that, damn what was his name? Closet homo his whole life, died of aids?? Dammitt. Anyway, he gets in this big fist fight with Sarge who’s running this diner because Sarge don’t like Mexicans in his establishment and like, dammitt, what is his name?? Burt something? Shit. Anyway, his grandson is half Mexican and the guy says like “that kid looks like he’d rather have a tamale” like rather than some ice cream, so burt whatever shit can’t remember his name, super famous actor, anyway, he gets in a nice ol brawl. actually he gets in the brawl when this other mexican family come in, and since their not "with" any haoles, like rock's daughter in law and grandson, sarge, bastard that he is, tells them they gotta vamoose. this poor old mexican guy and his wife and daughter, and he's like grabbing the guy, like "your money's no good here." well at this point rock hudson decides "fuck this, sarge is going down." it's a very brave moment, especially in that sarge is not a small man and has his "reserve the right to refuse service to anyone" sign as a legal if not moral precedent.

That’s a good cause that rock went to battle for, na mean, cuz I was wondering , what if closet homo actor character didn’t get in that fight with sarge, ya dig, like that could have been a pivotal moment in race relations even though it didn’t really happen. Maybe we have him to thank so that nowadays myself and Mrs. P can walk into virtually any ol’ place and have a nice meal and not have somebody like sarge giving us a hard time cuz she’s of a darker shade than me, well, I mean, there’s like some albinos that are of a darker shade than me, but that really wasn’t the, um, point I was gonna make, well, anyway.

And I caught myself wondering, this guy. FUCK I still can’t remember his name. Hold on, I’m gonna look it up. ROCK HUDSON!!! Thank you! Shit. (you may of noticed a flub in the timeline of this post, yes, you caught me, i went back and edited the prior paragraphs and put in the name rock hudson, so, um, sue me, i'll edit for logic's sake, but i can't edit edits, you know, the code, plus i'll probably get busted by carlton as it is. ok, moving on.) Actually I think I was thinking some other guys name, but anyway, it’s rock Hudson that beats this guy’s ass (well, actually gets his ass beaten) in this movie. Wait, I gotta verify this shit. Ok, yeah, verified, stamp my passport, it’s rock hudson, but there’s another old school closet gay Hollywood actor that is escaping my recognition, but, there comes a point where you gotta move on I guess.

Anyway, I caught myself wondering if Rock Hudson was like thinking “I’m striking a metaphorical blow against racism with this scene, or even a metaphorical blow for the gay contingent” or was he so deep in the closet he couldn’t see the connection? When you’re in the closet like even to yourself do you still think rationally of like your homosexuality?? These are the things I wonder about. That and, oh yeah! The cool thing about that scene that gets all heartwarming is, like, rock Hudson is getting his ass beat almost as bad as the University of Hawaii today, and all the women-folk are just crying and carrying on, but the little hapa Mexican kid is like smiling and looking at grandpa getting his ass beat and like almost giggling but not actually laughing. It’s like that ultimate wisdom that little children have. He’s probably thinking like “ok grandpa’s getting his closet gay ass beat to a pulp right now but in 20 years I’ll be able to date a white woman.” actually he probably couldn’t, not without heavy social stigma, cuz it still would have been like, jesus who knows, but a long time ago, and texas is all fucked up like that, not that I really know, I’m just going off of generalities, which is always a good idea when talking about race.

So yeah, so I just wonder about that. Was rock like seeing all these parallels between race relations and gay/straight people relations, or was it just such a taboo at the time to ever even think like that that his mind was shut down to it and he was just trying to make his goddamm per diem and hopefully find a nice tall glass of Jim Beam with some proper ice cubes that night. I mean, I’m curious, this guy was denying he was gay down to the last week. I mean people were like, uh, Rock, you got AIDS, and he’s like “tis just a flesh wound, um, I just caught a cold, now buzz off, and um, you with the Chippendales uniform, you can stay, um, I might need help with my, um, something or other.” in any event, rock was a damn good actor, and I heard liz taylor say the other day that like WAY more people in Hollywood than you would ever even think are gay, that for some reason they’re drawn to the arts or acting or whatever, yet another generality, but sometimes generalities are all we have, despite their horrific occasional overtones, and besides, if liz taylor said it, it must be true, I mean she’s the definition of stable.

Anyway, I highly doubt it made any sense whatever, but that’s what’s swimming through my mind at the moment. Hope I didn’t offend anyone, and if I did, please call my complaint line at 976-PHUK. Aloha.