Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Wuddup. Back at work. Weekend was phat. Veddy relaxing. Viddy well viddy well.

Speaking of clockwork orange, I had the opportunity to buy the book, two different editions actually, for a very reasonable price (used) but passed it up because there were two books that I decided to buy instead.

Oh and a plug, if you’re ever in Manoa, by the University, check out Rainbow books, right by the Varsity theatre, where we actually watched Dirty Pretty Things (or something like that – about immigrants and the trade of organs – gooood flick), so um, check out Rainbow books, mad good literature modern & classic for cheap price bubba, plus cd’s all kine shit, and no I don’t work for them, so don’t call me a sellout. Sellout.

So where the fuk was I? Oh yeah the books I bought.

Finally picked up some Bukowski. Tony goes on & on about this mofo, and after reading a short story & a half, so far I agree with him, pretty muthafuckin otherworldly, actually this-wordly hardcore shit. chiggedy chizneck it. the book I grabbed was called, um, ordinary madness and other tales?? Or some shit like that.

Oh, ok, the other book I bought was naked lunch by Burroughs. That shit looks chronic. Like the story of some drug addict homo, or wait, that was junkie, his older shit, not sure if he’s a homo in naked lunch. I think I caught the movie a few years back, but it was obviously not memorable if I did, I remember some guy saying years before that movie, that if they ever made a movie of Naked Lunch it would be the most x-rated and most super expensive and impossible movie to ever make. Which it wasn’t, but I don’t know how close they were to the original work. So that gives me lots of shit to read over the next few, um, months or some shit.

Plus I’m still knee deep in Robert Jordan’s third installment of his Wheel of Time series, which is the SHIT. main and womain, if you dig fantasy, chiggidey check it. this one’s called the Dragon Reborn. Yes I’m a total fucking dork. I had convinced myself a few years ago that the fantasy genre was a joke, but then some dude with a gimp arm from a motorcycle accident told me to cop that shit, the first one’s called Eye of the World, and I did before a long airplane flight and I ate it up, serially. Then I gobbled up the second one, the Great Hunt, like fukn Marvin Starving for the Carving of the Thanksgiving Turkey that don’t rhyme with shit like Jackie Parvin. Whut?? Sorry about that. Anyway, it’s good shit.

I’m reading two other books too, but those are on major hold and may never be picked up again. One is fucking, what is it called, oh yeah, timeline, by that famous guy that wrote Jurassic park whose name escapes me right now. Something with an “s”. yes, very interesting. Actually not, that shit is fukn boring or I just ain’t feeling it. I thought rising sun, disclosure, and fucking, um, sphere were pretty good though. So that guy’s pretty good, but timeline is dogshit.

And there’s this other cowboy book that is actually really good, but Jordan is distracting me with tales of aes sedai witches and the dark side of the whatever or what the fuck that shit is. It’s chronic-ell, lemme tell you.

Jesus fucking Christ, most boring shit ever. Sorry folks. It’s like fucking oprah’s book corner, except I’m not a yo-yo weight black woman and I don’t make a fucking nickel’s worth of sense and every other word is profanity. Pretty crappy, yes, but you’re reading it so what does that say about you? that’s right, that you are a person of VERY discriminating tastes, so congratulations.

So okay, list of apologies for the day. sorry for the boring ass post about like books and shit. sorry for um, shit, I forgot. Oh and sorry for another green arrow/green lantern pic, but fukn Neal Adams is the shit and I mean, Black Canary is tha bombizzle, and yes the dorkiness continues unabated.

Aloha. Hopefully my ghetto pass has not been revoked. And if it has, well, shit the backdoor has a kitty door and that slim fast is kicking in so don’t be surprised if I stumble through your back yard, yeah out by the pool, with a fukn 40 ounce of goddamm coqui 900 and you suddenly wake up and the gat is aimed at your bitch ass. Cocked, trigger fukn on a goddamm hair, and at that point, you better talk shit, or else yer dead.

Just talking shit.