Saturday, September 27, 2003

You know it

You tell the story

You tell the whole damn world…



Damn. Cal bears get their first home victory over a top 5 opponent since 1975. That one was USC too. Hmmm, I guess the golden ones just like spanking Trojan arse. Good good stuff contingent, in case you didn’t know.

Um, well, I don’t have TOO much else to say so I will issue you a stern sayonara and a pleasant aloha.


Oh and go Raiders. Let’s get a 2 for 2 for the official ultrablognetic football squads this weekend, how ‘bout it?

In other news I'm sippin' on syrup up in this hizzle, well, i mean, if by syrup you mean hefty screwdrivers. yah vodka goes straight to my head, reminds me of my high school days. wait did I say that? um, i mean, ovaltine reminds me of my high school days. yeah. tanking bottle after bottle of ovaltine, mad binges with tha crizew.

that's the ticket.

Now we take you back to your regular scheduled programming.