Monday, June 07, 2004

Hmmm, so, yah, whutsup. So, like, everyone’s throwing their 2 cents about this whole Ronnie Reagan dying thing. My first thought on this subject was: big deal? I mean, if he’d died in any kind of cogent frame of mind, yeah, then I could see the versimmilitude, but, well, he was wacked. Truss me I know, my gramps got sucked in by the alzheimers and it’s like, at the end, the person you knew is no longer there, at the end, honestly, I don’t even know if you could say, without fooling yourself, that there’s even a flicker. And, yeah, it still sucks, and yeah I feel for the family, but at that point, it’s almost a relief, rather than a tragedy. No more 24 hour nurse, no more feedings, no more bathroom patrol, no more whole 9 yards. The eulogy should have been 5, 10, whatever years ago when he last had a thought that didn’t involve looking at a spot on the wall and drooling. Eh, whatever, RIP I say, everybody else can get all pissed about it that he didn’t do this and he did that and he lied here and he was just a dopey figurehead and all of it is prolly true but, fuck, he carried us through the cold war which I guess wasn’t so much a contest as we thought, although it looked hectic there at the time, and, well, serially, I hope he’s up there with the gipper or whatever the fuck, I don’t know, his old dog millie, or was that bush 1? Eh whatevs. I got no major beefs with the guy. Yeah, he could’ve saved a shitload of gay aids infested peeps by proliferating a lot more info, but, fuck, a lot of people could have done that, I don’t see you setting up a fucking protest march against Rock Hudson, and he fukn denied 1) that he was a homo and 2) that he had AIDS until basically the day he died, he coulda done a lot more, and he did, ironically, after his death, by people spreading the word after the fact, but, fuck, fuck, I mean, shit, it was a fucked up time, nobody knew what the fuck was going on, and yeah, Reagan was a psychotic shitball with his own agenda that could’ve cared less about a few dead gaylords and heroin freaks, but fuck, he wasn’t the only one, truss on that, and yeah, fuck nancy and just say no, but, I don’t know, the weird thing is, with Reagan, you felt like shit was getting taken care of, even though he was a doddering old man that seemed half fuckn retarded even before senility officially hit, I mean, I felt more secure with my government, iran contra notwithstanding, than I do now, could be I was a naïve kid and I'm just way more aware these days, could be i've been overly poisoned by my liberal education and the media, could be I just don't drink enough ovaltine anymore. who knows. oh well.